10 Ways To Jump Start Your Affiliate Marketing Efforts

You’ve already found the ideal affiliate program to promote but you’re unsure of how to spread the word.  Maybe you found a great idea on Commission Junction or your set up an online store through Zlio.  Now you need to let others know about what you have so you realize profits, formally referred to as affiliate marketing.

Set Your Sights On A Site

Set up a website or blog to offer your affiliate products.  Consider it online real estate just like a store or office where you offer goods or services.  You need to pay for a memorable, simple domain name.  You can find web hosting and domain services for the price of two or three cups of coffee.  An option to get started immediately is a service such as Microsoft Live or Google Blogger to start a free website or blog.  The downside is a less memorable name, less storage space and large ads that detract from the professional tone of your site.  However, skillful designing can help you temporarily overcome these obstacles until you make more money to invest in an upgraded site.

Offer Relevant Content

Relevant, meaningful content draws visitors.  When people find useful information on your website, they return for more and share it with friends.  If the content is interesting and well-researched, you may be considered an authority or advisor in a particular area.  Your website should include compelling articles and links to reader-friendly blogs.

Create a Niche

Choose a target market for your affiliate products or services.  Decide who will be most likely to purchase your products or services based on common sense and statistics.  For example, marketing acne remedies to teens or hair loss solutions to middle-aged men.  Provide useful content to draw these potential customers to your affiliate website.

Add Search Engine Optimization

Search engine optimization gets you recognized on the major search engines.  Having a higher rating on the search engines drives more traffic to your website when they are looking for certain information or products.  To do this, incorporate popular keywords into the content on your website.  You can find out about keywords for free at a website such as Wordtracker.  Make sure keywords do not appear in more than 3 to 5 percent of your content or you may lose your ranking on the search engines.

Blog For Business

Blogs provide updated content and keep your website fresh.  You can offer new facts about affiliate offerings and programs to visitors by adding them to your blog.  Constantly adding new information to your website through a blog keeps you active on the search engines.  Your also get fresh visitors and give your current customers content to share with others.

Participate In Forum Marketing

Another great way to get the word out about your affiliate programs is to visit forums and other blogs.  Post comments to entries that pertain to your business and include a relevant link to your website.  This drives targeted traffic to your website who may genuinely be interested in buying your affiliate programs or services.  Another way to do this is through social forums such as Yahoo Answers.

Buy Pay Per Click Ads

Pay per click advertising is also referred to as PPC.  Sponsored PPC text link ads are placed on search engine results pages.  The ads are automatically placed near related search results to drive targeted traffic to your affiliate website.  Some of the most commonly used PPC advertising programs are Google Adwords and Yahoo Search.  You bid on keywords through one of these programs.  Once you purchase them, you can use the keywords in your ads to attract potential customers through PPC ads.  Choosing strong, popular keywords makes your campaign more effective.

Establish Multiple Streams of Income

Another way to attract targeted traffic to your affiliate product or services is to feature several related affiliate offerings.  For example, you can have acne remedies and hair products for oily hair on the same website.  People looking for either will find both and you can earn multiple streams of income by representing several affiliates for your efforts rather than just one.

Sell Your Affiliates Socially

Get sociable and take advantage of social sites to promote your affiliates.  For example, creating a Squidoo lens promotes your affiliate programs to a targeted market.  Your Squidoo lens interacts with your blogs and articles through popular keywords to submit your website to more blog directories and search engines.

Create Your Own Affiliate Product

You can even create your own affiliate product to make money.  For example, you can write an ebook about various skin and hair care remedies that links to your affiliate offerings.  You may choose to sell the ebook or offer it for free to lure potential customers.  If you sell your ebook, you can give others a commission for promoting and selling it to create your own affiliate program.  If it is a free ebook, you can refer them to your affiliates using unique links so everyone makes a profit.

These are the top ten budget-conscious ways to boost your affiliate marketing efforts for increased profits within weeks.

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