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What Pregnancy Test is Best?

Are Some Pregnancy Tests Better Than Others?

Whether planned or unplanned, with any suspicion of pregnancy the first thought is usually about getting a pregnancy test. For planned pregnancies, one of the most anxious moments is knowing that you are absolutely, positively pregnant. Seeing that ‘red plus’ sign can be nerve racking and exciting – but testing too early without the best pregnancy test will more than likely provide you with an inaccurate result.  However, many women are so anxious they tend to take a pregnancy test before there is any detectable trace of pregnancy hormone in their system which would give the correct result.

Understanding how pregnancy tests work and knowing what pregnancy test is best can put a stop to the anxiety and worries. Firstly, there are two main types of pregnancy tests, the urine test and the blood test. The blood test is done in a doctor’s office while the urine test is usually the one the woman can do herself at home. HCG is detected once implantation occurs, that is the fertilized egg has been attached to the uterus.

Conventional wisdom is that it is best to wait at least one to two weeks after you have missed your period to perform the test. This makes it less likely that you will get a negative result if you are indeed pregnant.

How Pregnancy Tests Work

Pregnancy tests work by checking the level of HCG (human chorionic gonadotropin), the pregnancy hormone present in urine. Once upon a time, pregnancy tests could only give a positive result after a woman had missed her period. This was the case because these early tests could only read HCG of over 120 mIU and were not very sensitive. All of that has changed in recent times with the creation of some very sensitive and highly efficient pregnancy tests.

Early Pregnancy Test

For those anxious for a response, there is definitely a difference in early pregnancy tests. Some manufacturers claim that their test can measure HCG after just 6-12 days post ovulation. Only one test has been proven to pick up HCG levels when they are as low as 20 mIU. Even with this, only about 80-85 percent of women who are pregnant will get a positive result about one week past ovulation.

While most tests will give a correct result one week after a missed period, we have chosen through our own research what pregnancy test is best. First Response, according to a number of surveys is 95 percent accurate before other pregnancy tests. In fact, First Response can be generally be used even before the first day of a missed period. Some reviews posted online state that First Response can detect the presence of HCG a few days after implantation occurs, that is up to three days before the due date of your next period.

Some other highly rated pregnancy tests include Clear Blue Digital Test, e.p.t Pregnancy Test and Equate Pregnancy Test. These and other early pregnancy tests have registered positive results after an average of 10 days past ovulation or a few days after a missed period. However, for best results, pregnancy tests should be done with first morning urine which would have the full concentration of HCG in it.

There is one negative to testing early, and that is undergoing an early miscarriage and knowing it. In many cases, most women who suffer an early miscarriage that is before or around the time of their menses would not know that they have miscarried.

Of course it is worth remembering that the more efficient the pregnancy test, the more expensive it is. This is however a negligible cost compared to other related expenses. It does however act as a caution against testing too early. In a negative result is produced and the pregnancy symptoms persist, then the woman would have to test herself again. In this context, it may be better to start with one of the more efficient tests such as First Response.

How Do you Get Pregnant?

How to Improve Your Chances of Getting Pregnant

Some women get pregnant at the drop of a hat, while others have significant difficulty. Surprisingly very few women understand the basic mechanics of getting pregnant. Women are fertile for only about 7-8 days each month. These days are about 2-5 days before fertilization, the day of ovulation and 2 to 3 days after. This is especially noteworthy since the female egg remains viable for between 24-48 hours and sperm can remain viable inside a woman’s body between 4 to 7 days.

Ovulation Period

One of the biggest mistakes someone trying to conceive can make is accepting the common belief that ovulation occurs every 14 to 16 days, that is, midway between cycles. This method isn’t recommended because very few women have the 28-day cycle which this method assumes. Couples trying to get pregnant erroneously think that they are most fertile mid cycle, so they miss having intercourse at the right time.

Physical Health

While persons who are not perfectly healthy can get pregnant, being in good health increases the chances of pregnancy occurring. Also, seeing a doctor, preferably an OBGYN, ensures that any problems such as infections or other threats to fertility are caught early. In addition to treatment, the OBGYN will start you on prenatal vitamins, especially folic acid. Folic acid is extremely important for the prevention of disorders such as spina bifida and is recommended especially for women over 35 who are trying to get pregnant.

Maintaining a healthy weight is also important. Being overweight or underweight decreases your chances of getting pregnant.

Avoid alcohol, smoking, drugs and other lifestyle practices that are unhealthy. Both persons should do this so as to increase chances of getting pregnant.

Knowing Your Fertility Signs

Improving your chances of getting pregnant also calls for knowing your body. There are some subtle and sometimes not so subtle signs when your body is at its most fertile – that is – during that minute window of time when it is possible to become pregnant. These signs, the result of hormonal changes, can be easily identified once you know what to look for.

The main fertility signs to look out for are:

  • Basal body temperature

Your basal body temperature (BBT) is your temperature before getting out of bed or doing anything. Unless you are sick, your basal body temperature starts to rise as you approach your ovulation period. It is highest after you ovulate.

  • Cervical fluids

Your cervical fluid which is also known as cervical mucus changes throughout your cycle. At your most fertile, cervical fluid becomes stretchy and almost like egg whites. Doing a simple search online will guide you to additional information on the topic.

In addition to those listed above, there are some minor signs worthy of knowing when trying to get pregnant. The most obvious of these are:

  • Breast pain or tenderness

Breast tenderness is another indicator of pending ovulation.

  • Ovulation pain

Although not every woman feels this pain, some do and it is a good indicator of ovulation. When used with other monitoring tools such as an ovulation kit, ovulation pain can be a helpful indicator.

Also known as mittelschmert (middle pain), ovulation pain occurs near the ovaries during ovulation. Some women use this pain to identify which ovary an egg is being released from.

  • Ovulation spotting

Although not a very common occurrence some women will see some amount of spotting during ovulation. This is an indication that they are in their fertile period.

Get an ovulation kit to help you know when you are ovulating. This is important as only at this time is it possible to become pregnant.

Usually there is no need to worry about not conceiving until after a year of trying. If after a year, following the advice given above, you are not pregnant, it’s time to visit a fertility expert for tests and answers.

Good luck on the trying to conceive journey.

How Long Is a Pregnancy?

Typically, pregnancy lasts for 40 to 41 weeks. Of those weeks, at least two of them in the beginning you are not really pregnant. The doctor calculates your due date according to your last menstrual period. But for all intent and purposes you can say that pregnancy lasts for 9 months.

The Three Trimesters

There are three trimesters of pregnancy. The first is calculated from when you conceived to twelve weeks or the first three months. The second trimester of pregnancy is from week thirteen until week twenty eight. This will be months three through six. The final or last trimester of pregnancy is from the twenty eighth week until the baby is born. So from six months on you will be in your third or final trimester of pregnancy.

The First Trimester

During the first trimester of your pregnancy you will be experiencing many changes in hormones. You may feel fatigued, experience nausea or vomiting and your emotions will be heightened. You may cry easily one moment and be laughing the next. Your breasts will begin to feel swollen and tender, especially around the area of your nipple. Your bathroom habits may change as you might become constipated during this period and feel the frequent urge to urinate.

You will experience cravings for certain types of foods and absolute repulsion towards others. You can also have heartburn and indigestion as well. Some women feel dizzy, while others feel perfectly fine.

To combat the nausea, heartburn and indigestion, you can eat smaller meals more often. Perhaps six small meals a day will suit you. Be sure you are drinking plenty of fluids, especially water and if you are involved in an exercise program, it should be okay to continue as long as it is not too strenuous. Walking or swimming is an excellent form of physical activity during pregnancy.

If you smoke, now is the time to quit and you should avoid alcoholic beverages, caffeine and diet soft drinks during the whole of your pregnancy. Also be sure you are getting the proper amount of rest.

The Second Trimester

Some of the problems that plagued you during the first trimester such as morning sickness and nausea will soon abate during the second trimester of pregnancy. One of the most exciting events during this time is feeling the baby quicken or move inside of you. This will make you feel that all the misery of the first trimester was well worth it the first time you feel your baby kick and move about in your body. You should begin to feel more energetic, your complexion typically glows, though you will still feel the need to frequently use the bathroom. The baby is growing rapidly now and the umbilical cord is thickening in order to carry the nourishment and oxygen that baby needs to survive. Keep to a light fitness program and eat a nutritious diet so that you and the baby will stay healthy. Continue to rest whenever you feel tired and pamper yourself a little; you deserve it.

The Final Trimester of Pregnancy

As you enter the last third of your pregnancy you may experience pressure that is uncomfortable. There are lap bands you can utilize that will lift the baby up and off the organs that she may be pressing upon. It won’t hurt the baby and you will feel a bit more comfortable. Your belly will be getting large and the baby is growing quickly. You may be having sonograms that give you a clearer picture of what your baby looks like now. Practice some deep breathing exercises to calm you and to provide a good supply of oxygen to the baby.

You may be feeling a bit anxious about the birth at this time, but going to birthing classes may help to ease your disquiet. As you move further along towards your due date, typically women are feeling so uncomfortable that their fears surrounding the birthing process subsides as they are looking forward to meeting their new baby and getting their bodies back. Avoid lifting heavy objects, stay off your feet as much as you can and get plenty of rest as you will need it; not just for the birthing process, but because it will be the last peaceful sleep you will have for some time to come.

Having a baby is both a frightening and exciting time for the first time parents. Forty weeks may seem like a long time, but it will go quickly and before you know it, you will be cradling your brand new baby in your arms.

When to Take a Pregnancy Test

Maybe Baby? When to Take a Home Pregnancy Test

You’re experiencing some of the symptoms of pregnancy. Maybe the smell of fish makes you run for the bathroom. Or perhaps your breasts are swollen and tender. In those agonizing days before your menstrual period is missing, you may be wondering when to take a pregnancy test and expect accurate results.

There is no simple answer, unfortunately. Every woman is different and varying ovulation cycles can mean the test results will be different for every woman. Some women can get an accurate result from a home pregnancy test just days before their menstrual periods are due, while others may have to wait until a week after their missed periods to find out.

Just as every woman is different, no two home pregnancy tests are created equally either. Some tests claim to provide 99% accuracy up to five days before a missed period. Generally, however, pregnancy can be detected from a home pregnancy test a week after the missed period.

Home pregnancy tests work by detecting the levels of human chorionic gonadotropin (or hCG) in the potentially pregnant woman’s urine. Some tests can detect hCG, which is a hormone secreted by the embryo a short time after conception, three to five days after the missed period. Even so, depending upon the date of conception, the level of hCG may not be strong enough for detection until a few days or a week later.

Once your period is overdue, it’s time to pick out the right pregnancy test. Some women may want to buy a few different varieties of pregnancy test, just to be safe. Some are more sensitive to hCG than others. The more time that passes between the missed period and the day you take a pregnancy test, the more accurate the results will be because the hCG levels double at least every 72 hours.

When you’ve picked out a test, it’s very important to read the instructions, even if you’ve taken dozens of pregnancy tests before. Every test has its own set of instructions, so it’s important to make sure the test directions are followed carefully. Most tests can either be used in the urine flow or in a cup of urine.

The test directions will generally advise you to take the test in the morning, with the first urine of the day. The concentration of hCG tends to be higher with the first urine.

Many tests take three to five minutes to register their results. The tests should be placed flat and left undisturbed to avoid affecting the results.

Should the test come back positive, it’s time to set up an appointment with the doctor. It is possible to get a positive reading and not be pregnant. Pregnancy tests can be impacted by a variety of medications, so seeing the doctor will solidify the results. Most obstetricians will not see pregnant patients until they’re at least six weeks along, counting back from the last menstrual period. This means it could be two weeks before a doctor can give you a blood test to confirm the pregnancy.

If the home pregnancy test comes back negative, this does not necessarily mean you’re not pregnant. You could have tested too early. Sometimes it takes longer for the embryo to attach to the uterine wall, so give it a few days or a week and try another test. It may help to test again with a different brand of pregnancy test

Whether you’re trying to get pregnant and are eager to find out as quickly as possible, or if you’re worried that you’ll be surprised by the pitter-patter of little feet, home pregnancy tests are fairly accurate, but it’s all in the timing.

What is Pregnancy?

Preparing for Pregnancy: All You Need to Know

Pregnancy can be a time of great joy, but for new parents-to-be it is also a period of doubts and fears. However, with the knowledge of what to expect, most doubts can be set aside and you can spend time enjoying this important lifetime milestone.

What is Pregnancy?

Ovulation and Getting Pregnant

Pregnancy, when it occurs naturally from sexual intercourse, is when a mature egg comes in contact with viable sperm during the time when a woman is ovulating. With assisted reproductive methods, mature female eggs are artificially inseminated.

How long is a Pregnancy?

The average full term period lasts for 40 weeks, although it is generally known that a healthy pregnancy birth can occur at anywhere from 37-42 weeks. Doctors use 40 weeks as the way to estimate delivery date by counting from the last day of your last period.

Births that occur before 37 weeks of pregnancy are referred to as preterm births, while those after 42 weeks are called post term.

A pregnancy is broken down into three trimesters of three months each.

During pregnancy a number of changes take place. These include weight gain averaging 25 to 30 pounds; of course some persons gain more or less. Respiration, renal and cardiac functions also change in response to pregnancy. It therefore benefits the developing fetus and the mother-to-be if she takes care of herself while pregnant.

Pregnancy Testing

The first question someone who suspects that they are pregnant normally asks is, ‘how soon can I test? Confirming a pregnancy can be a long wait, but scientific breakthroughs have lessened the wait period tremendously. Now, most home pregnancy kits can confirm a pregnancy within 7 -15 days of a missed period.

Pregnancy Symptoms and Dealing with Them

For most women, the first three months of pregnancy can be difficult. This is the time when morning sickness kicks in. However, don’t be fooled by the term morning sickness – this can occur at any time of day. The good news for most women is that morning sickness will disappear by the beginning of the second trimester. For a small percentage of women morning sickness will continue until the end of the pregnancy.

In addition to morning sickness, there are other pregnancy symptoms you should be aware of. These include:

  • Fatigue

As your body adjusts to being pregnant, you may feel tired a lot more since your body is working for two or more. Some women start to feel tired within the first week of becoming pregnant.

  • Backaches

Contrary to popular belief, backaches during pregnancy may start early for many women. In many cases backaches continue throughout the entire pregnancy, but are rarely more than dull aches.

  • Food cravings

You must have heard of some of the strange cravings that pregnant women have. The hormonal changes that the body goes through are partially responsible. For example, a vegetarian may suddenly start craving meat. Some experts believe that the body recognizes the need for certain nutrients hence the strange yen for something else.

  • Tender breasts

This is always one of the first notable signs of pregnancy. As hormonal changes occur, the breasts not only become tender but also get bigger. This change begins from one to two weeks after implantation and is sometimes the first pregnancy symptom to be noticed.

You may not experience all these symptoms with your pregnancy. Every woman’s body is different and therefore will react differently during pregnancy. Not experiencing any symptoms or only a few is not an indication of problems, although early signs such as breast tenderness disappearing within the first three months can signal the end of a pregnancy.

Pregnancy, especially if planned, can be a most enjoyable time once you know what to be prepared for.

How to Deal with Pregnancy

Unexpected, or unplanned, pregnancies leave many with the same question – “How am I going to deal with this pregnancy?”  You will find a multitude of guides, via internet or library searches, guiding you through this life altering question, and that specialize in, precisely, how to deal with pregnancy.  We have written this article in the hopes that you will find all of the answers you need – right here – as you don’t need anything else, like the overload of information, weighing on your mind.  Regardless of your age, relationship or career status, our goal is to help you wrap you mind, and emotions, around the news of becoming pregnant.

Keep in mind, dealing with pregnancy is not an overnight process.  This will take time, probably a lot of tears, some possible anger, and many other emotions.  The key, here, is to remember that you are not alone in your feelings, many – if not most – women go through this same roller coaster, at some point in their life.

A common, and possibly obvious, emotion, at this point, is fear.  Whether this is your first pregnancy or third, an unexpected pregnancy will bring a degree of fear into your life.  Fear is one of those emotions that will cloud your thinking and potentially hinder any decision you are about to make.  Unfortunately, fear is not an easy emotion to dismiss, or it wouldn’t exist.  A helpful tip, for eliminating this fear, is to determine – what about your new found pregnancy scares you.  Once this fear has been conquered, the remainder of your decisions, from this point forward, will be more clear and precise.

Now that fear is out of the way, let’s talk about your options, and dealing with pregnancy.  Depending on your political or morale standings, you may have more options available to you than others.  Write your options down, for future reference, and draw up a list of pros and cons for each option.  This step is crucial!  First, only write the options that you could actually follow through on; if you would not consider adoption, there’s no point in hindering on that, at this phase in your life.  In this step, you may want to consider researching, and writing down, different clinics, doctors, etc. that you believe would fit your lifestyle.  (This helps you for future reference, and allows you to see, visually, what each option has to offer.)

Surely, this last step, brought up some emotion, or even frustration – it’s okay!  Considering your options, writing and researching them, is one of the most difficult processes in the entire pregnancy.

Reflecting on the list you’ve already made, it’s time to look deeply into how you feel about having a child.  Again, whether this is your first, second, or third, a baby will change your lifestyle.  Picture yourself, baby in tow, throughout the daily events of your life.  Try to imagine taking your child to dance lessons, soccer practice, gymnastics, or boy scouts.  You might even try picturing what your baby will look like, whose hair will he have, what color eyes will she have, or will he/she be tall?  (This last part is more for fun, but it sure helps.)

We’ve all heard horror stories about babies keeping us up all night, demanding all of our attention, and much more.  Don’t let these stories get to you and effect your decision.  Remember, having a baby means you will, eventually, have a toddler, school age child, teenager, and life-long confidant.  When imagining your life, with your baby, attempt to look into the future at the later years as well.

Most importantly and not yet discussed, find a place where you can take special time for you to go through this process!  The less distraction you have, the easier this initial phase will be.  The more relaxed you are, the better you will feel about the decisions you are making and the adventure that you are on.  Many will try to tell you how to deal with pregnancy; walking through these simple steps will give you the confidence that you need – ensuring you that you are dealing with your pregnancy in the healthiest way for you.

Free Video Conferencing

Video Conferencing

Video conferencing is a major example of the way in which technology has influenced business communications. It allows people to connect in real time from separate locations using both audio and video. The application of the technology is virtually limitless, in that multiple participants can be connected, as long as the appropriate tools are available.

Benefits of Video Conferencing

Since its inception, this communication format has offered many advantages to users. In an increasingly globalized environment, the ability to connect with people in distant locations is essential. It allows companies to extend their reach into new markets. It can also be a way to recruit new talent since they will get a real sense of how people operate in business. The most commonly acknowledged benefits of video conferencing are:

  • It cuts down on travel expenses. While face-to-face meetings are still considered necessary by some people, many companies are working to minimize travel expense. Utilizing this technology reduces and in some cases eliminates the need for travelling to a meeting.
  • It boosts productivity. Since the workers involved in the meeting will not leave your location, they can get back to work when it is over. This will cut back on the number of man-hours lost due to traveling.
  • Users have an advantage over their competition. Since the business will be spending less on travel and related costs, the result will be higher profits. They may even be able to provide goods and services at a lower cost.

Finding Free Conferencing Solutions

Setting up a video conference used to be a relatively expensive undertaking, especially for smaller businesses. Typically, it required a dedicated system utilizing high-end cameras, large screens and loudspeakers. Today, the growth of the Internet has given rise to low cost conferencing solutions. Improved speaker and web-cam quality have made it possible for anyone to take part in a session with just a PC or mobile device.

Many free video conferencing solutions exist today. Several of them offer adequate services for most needs, however there also paid or subscription based services for users who want a little bit more. A few of the video conferencing solutions currently available are:

  1. ooVoo  (

This video chat solution can easily accommodate six people via video and six via telephone. Unlike some free solutions, ooVoo’s video quality is good. One of the good things about ooVoo is that you can conduct a video call even with people who do not have the service. You can even have video chats on your Smartphone, which is handy for on-the-go types who may need to be in a meeting but find themselves without a laptop or PC.

  1. VSee: (

While not very well known, this solution offers a lot more than some free videoconferencing solutions. Twelve persons can video chat with the free version of VSee. Designed to enable online collaboration, VSee uses very little bandwidth making possible for people with slow internet speeds to use the service. The collaboration feature enables screen and video sharing, although screen sharing is limited to one session per day for free users. Another great feature is the ability to share files and even control the camera of other users remotely. You can also save meetings for later viewing.

While the free version is geared towards personal use, there is also an enterprise version for companies that start at an affordable $10.00 per user per month. Students with an .edu email account can get a free plus account with lots more features than the free version.

Installation of the software is necessary, but this is easy to do. The main disadvantage is that you can only use it with others who have the software downloaded. Also, users with a free account can only call others who are part of their team.

  1. AnyMeeting  (

With this solution, up to 200 people can attend a conference free of cost, however, only six can have a video conference. For a small business, this limitation is not an issue as there may not be a need for more than this number of persons to be on cam. Apart from ads, which you can do nothing about, the free version of Anymeeting provides almost all the features of the paid versions. Two of these are the ability to send invitations to meetings, and the ability to promote meetings via social media such as Facebook and Twitter. With this service, you can easily upload and share presentations with your attendees. Best of all, you can have invitees call in via telephone or computer. You can also send a survey to attendees to get their feedback on the presentation.

For the MAC enthusiast there is iChat. Another solution worth watching is MeetingBurner, a new solution that is still in the teething stages. However, it already offers above average service. The MeetingBurner service is web based so there is no need to download and install any software, which makes it a popular choice with many users. Skype’s free video chat feature is a decent one-one solution, but for small businesses who want to have meetings with more than one person, this will not deliver.

Video conferencing has done more than made the world smaller; it has enabled collaboration between people in different time zones. In times past, to have a meeting between people scattered across the globe, travelling was a necessity. Many companies are now offering both free and paid versions of their video conferencing solutions for the convenience of users.


How To Make Money Online Using Google

A practical, informative guide to making money online using search engine giant Google

Today, Google is as common to web searching as Kleenex® is to facial tissues.  Google has set the standard in search engine optimization.  Yet, what may be uncommonly known by most is that this search engine powerhouse can make you money.  This premier search engine continues to dominate the Internet as a money-maker for many online entrepreneurs and marketers.  So maybe you’re ready to put Google to work for you.  But how you ask?

Here are some proven ways to make money online using Google.  Consider each option and based on your business, background and industry experience, choose the option or options that best match your criteria.

Use Google AdSense and AdWords

Google AdSense is a free program that enables online publishers to earn money displaying their relevant ads on a wide array of online venues including websites, site search results, mobile webpages, apps and feeds.

How does AdSense work?  Google earns most of its revenue by allowing other website owners to advertise on their search result pages.  All of that is managed through a program Google calls AdWords.  So, by using AdSense, you can earn a share of the revenue that Google earns by displaying the same text ads on your website.  Basically, you’re helping Google advertise so they pay you a percentage of their earnings.

The key to making AdSense work for you is to optimize your website with keywords.  By using keywords that will give you top placement in Google will bring more traffic and more money.  Once you have a large amount of traffic, you can use AdSense to earn money for your website or blog.  AdSense lets webmasters and bloggers earn advertising revenue by placing the AdSense code on their sites.

AdSense ads become directly linked to your page’s keywords.  The top paying keywords will give you a higher return and more income.  Because AdSense ads are extremely targeted, it is an effective way to earn money from your site.

AdWords works in together with AdSense so you can advertise your business, product or services.  AdWords allows you the option of buying your way to Google’s first page results.  It is a Pay-Per-Click advertising system that has become very popular but also comes with cautions.  If you use the system incorrectly, it can become a money pit.  You are strongly advised to learn and understand AdWords completely before you put money into it.

Become a blogger

By definition, a blogger is someone who maintains a website or blog spot with information related to their personal life or information on the Internet.  For revenue purposes, a blogger is a publisher of sorts that maintain an ongoing chronicle of information from various websites.  Here, we are talking about  “Blogger”, a Google-based blogging platform that will increase your business and revenue.  So, whether you run ads, promote affiliates, sell products or use a blog to promote your business, Google can help you make money with this blog platform.

Freelance your talents

A freelancer is someone who works independently and provides services for individual clients and/or companies.  It is no secret that many freelancers are successfully using Google to showcase their talents.  Almost anyone can become a freelancer if you have a background in a viable area of business.  Some freelance areas include photography, graphic design, writing and editing, audio and video editing, CAD drafting, software testing, animation, accounting, medical and technical writing and data entry.

This is how it works:  The freelancer either creates their own website or showcases their services on a website created for freelancers (for a small fee).  Then, when the freelancer is awarded the work, they use Google to research the project.

Indisputably, Google has become a top revenue source for many online users.  And now, this dominant search engine leader can become a money maker for you too.  As with any endeavor involving finances, be sure to research making money with Google thoroughly before delving in.

Searching For Make Money Online Squidoo?

Lately it seems every affiliate marketer and internet business person is talking about Squidoo. The search query ‘Make Money Online Squidoo’ seems to be typed into the search bar regularly. There is a lot of money to be made with this site.

So just how can you make money online with Squidoo? First, there is making money off of your lens (i.e. Your Squidoo webpage) directly. These web pages employ a profit sharing model. So to answer the search query ‘Make Money Online Squidoo’ I would say that you can make money by driving traffic to your lens and hoping that the visitors click on the various ads found around the page. You could also use an Amazon or eBay shopping module to make some extra cash. Although this method does work for making some extra money, there are far better ways to leverage Squidoo for profits.

Another interesting thing you should know if you are interested in making money online with Squidoo is that when you target a niche market and build a lens about it, you should not be surprised if you find your lens on the first page of Google within a month. It is common for a single Squidoo lens to outrank a site with hundreds of articles. This has two implications: First it means that driving traffic to your lens becomes extremely easy so making money with Squidoo becomes a cinch if you use the method talked about above. More importantly it provides the lens maker with a steady stream of highly targeted free internet traffic. It is this traffic that makes Squidoo a profit pulling machine.

If you are really serious about making money with Squidoo you need to build your own website or landing page to send all that targeted traffic to. You can basically use Squidoo as a method to pre-sell the product or service that you actually want to promote. It works best if you do not directly promote the product on your lens. If you do direct promotion you might run afoul of the Squidoo spam filter. Instead create a page that talks about a certain problem that your product will be able to solve and include the links to your site once at the end of the page and maybe another time at the beginning or middle. By linking your site to Squidoo not only do you benefit from the free traffic they will send you, but you are building back links from a site with a high page rank, this will raise your rank as well.

The design of your lens is crucial to your success. The trick to making money with Squidoo is to make a lens that people will want to read. The information on your lens must be good and it must be written for the web. Do not just make your page one long chunk of text. Computer screens are hard on a lot of people’s eyes. Use pictures and other modules to break up the monotony of the text. Try to make your lens as interactive as possible. People love having the ability to respond to the information they see on the screen. I always include a polling module, a guest book module and sometimes a debate module.

In fact if you can get enough people talking on your guest book or debate module you will essentially create an auto-updating lens that will always have fresh content. This is the ultimate method of making money with Squidoo. The search engines love fresh content so your Squidoo page will generate a steady stream of targeted traffic to your web sites for a very long time. That’s the same as having cash in your pocket.

How To Make Money Online With Amazon Today

To make money online Amazon, all you need is a little time and creativity.  Whether you want a second income or a career, there are simple ways to make money online with Amazon without even leaving the comfort of your home.

Working In Your Pajamas

We’ve all seen the corny ads inviting us to learn how to work in our pajamas.  Amazon is a legitimate multinational commerce company with headquarters in Seattle, Washington.  Currently Amazon is the largest online retailer in America, enjoying three times the Internet sales revenues of Staples.  Founded by Jeff Bezos in 1994, Amazon originally began as an online bookstore.  Today Amazon offers an array of products including VHS tapes, DVDs, CDs, MP3s, video games, furniture, toys, food, software, video games, electronics and more.  With websites in Canada, Germany, China, Japan, France and the United Kingdom, Amazon offers international shipping.  By simply selling wares at Amazon, you can really work from home and wear whatever you want.

Amazon Affiliate Opportunities

As an Amazon affiliate, you don’t need to maintain inventory or have a retail store.  You are selling goods through Amazon and making a commission from your sales.  Affiliates are easy to find through Amazon or affiliate services such as Commission Junction.  With a little time and effort, you’ll be on your way to earning serious commissions.  Here’s a brief guide to get you started for an investment of about $20:

–        select a topic or subject you love such as French cooking or soccer so you can write meaningful product reviews to attract potential buyers;

–        choose a catchy, keyword rich domain name people will remember and register it;

–        choose an affordable, legitimate web host such as GoDaddy and set up web hosting for a simple site;

–        use WordPress to set up a simple site and blog with a professional look and the ability to easily make quick content updates;

–        set up categories and sections so shoppers can find what they want right away;

–        sign up to be an Amazon affiliate for free;

–        set up essential bookmarks and links to products;

–        write a detailed review to generate interest in the product;

–        promote your new Amazon affiliate website through link building, social networking and resources such as Blog Catalog.

When visitors purchase items from your website, the link tracks back to your Amazon Affiliate account to earn commission for the sale.  The key to success is offering useful content people want to read and marketing your website so more people know about it.

Amazon for Writers

Since Amazon started as an online book store, it remains one of the top retailers of books on the Internet.  Amazon is an excellent place for new writers to effectively market their published books.  Whether you self-publish or choose a free or low cost publisher, Amazon is an outstanding place to sell your book.  A survey conducted in 2008 revealed the name attracts more than 615 million visitors every year.  Harness that powerful market to sell more books as a newly published writer.  Have associates write reviews to attract more attention to your new book. Before you know it, you could be the next literary giant.

Amazon Mechanical Turk

If you’re looking for a simple way to earn extra cash anytime of the day or night, Amazon Mechanical Turk is what you want.  It’s free to register for Amazon Mechanical Turk.  Once you’re registered, you can select HITS (Human Intelligence Tasks) to earn extra cash.  Ranging from $.2 to $5.00 or more, HITS include writing reviews, looking at photos, identifying information at a website and more.  Most HITS involve writing, processing or simple data entry.  Payments accrue in your Amazon Mechanical Turk account.  You can cash out at $10 or more and can have the proceeds conveniently transferred into your PayPal account.

The best part of learning to make money online Amazon is the flexibility.  Work on your business opportunities part-time in the evenings and on weekends.  Within a year or two, you might be able to fire your boss and work at home in your pajamas – just like all the ads promise!