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Poker in Canada – If you’re not involved, you’re missing out!

Are you a Canadian and love poker? Perhaps you’re interested in poker but have yet to really get involved? Maybe you have recently come across poker online but would like to know more about the offline world and who the stars are? This is the perfect article for you to find out a decent amount of information regarding poker and who plays it in Canada!

The number of people playing poker in Canada continues to grow every day, and the majority of these players are involved in the online poker world. This doesn’t mean the offline world of poker in Canada is dead, far from it! In fact, Canada has casinos and poker rooms in Alberta, British Columbia, Manitoba, Nova Scotia, Ontario and Saskatchewan – the poker scene is alive and well, but who are the stars? Who can we look upon as role models? Who can give us the inspiration we need to get more involved in poker and training?

There are quite a few famous Canadian poker players for you to study, watch and most importantly; learn from. Who?

Daniel Negreanu plays poker professionally and has won four World Series of Poker bracelets and two World Poker Tour Championships. In a 2008 report, Daniel had winnings in excess of $11,200,000 – leaving him in second place on the all time money list behind Jamie Gold. As a person, Daniel is a very goal-orientated person always setting himself new goals and challenges – this is the type of attitude that has sent him to the top of the poker world and can be learned from. In 2006 Negreanu was named “Favourite Poker Player” at Card Player Magazine’s Player of the Year Awards Gala in February 2006.

Who else is well known within the poker scene?

Isabelle Mercier is a massive female role model – playing poker since her pre-teens, Isabelle has gone on to win over $800,000 dollars playing poker both off and online. Mercier has her own DVD instructing you on how to play poker and she also has her own biography. Isabelle is a member of the PokerStars online poker room ( and has enjoyed a lot of success there. If you’re young, female and ambitious then looking up to a role model such as Isabelle is probably something you already do! If it isn’t, then why not?!

If you’re looking for a true Canadian poker player to learn from and follow then you should look no further than Randy Blumer. Randy is widely accepted to have started the multibillion dollar online poker industry with his site Planet Poker (in January 1998). When Randy converted his site to a real money site in January ’98 it became the first online site to do so, stamping Randy’s name in history.

In order to properly understand the game of poker you need to study other players and of course, practice a lot!  You never know, you might get lucky like Glen Chorny; a Canadian poker player from Waterloo, Ontario. Glen has only been playing professionally since January 2008 and has already won the biggest cash prize ever in Europe of over €2 million Euros!

The game of poker in Canada is forever increasing in popularity with the number of Canadians (or Canucks!) playing skyrocketing in recent years. The potential winnings in poker today, especially online, is enticing more and more amateur players in Canada to get involved; eventually leading to more professional players. The World Wide Web has given us the chance to get involved with other players from around the globe, whilst staying true to our routes and interacting with other Canucks at the same time.

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