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Reality Check on Coffee Bean Extract

It is believed that products such as Coffee Bean Extract and Raspberry Ketones will help you lose weight. They help your body more efficiently burn fat, which can help with weight loss.

Taking supplements alone will not help most people lose weight

The reality check I want most people to realize is taking supplements alone will probably not help you lose weight, unless your current health values were already keeping you at a fairly consistent weight. By this I mean you already have somewhat of a decent diet and get some exercise… you are not gaining any weight, but you are not losing any either. You are just sort of stuck.

If you believe you can have poor dietary habits and never exercise and still lose weight, you will be disappointed. Think of it this way: If you are consuming 500 extra calories per day that your body isn’t naturally able to use… even if these supplements help you burn an additional 300 calories, you are still consuming 200 extra calories a day that your body doesn’t need, and therefore stores as fat.

Slow, moderate weight loss is a good thing

We live in a world that enjoys instant gratification and results. The problem is, we have proven time and time again that extremely restrictive diets and intense exercise programs don’t work for most of us. We may see some great initial results, but will probably end up abandoning our efforts which will result in weight gain.

Try to use a little common sense with dieting. Eat lots of vegetables and a variety of real food. Find a way to get some exercise that works for you. Ideally, you want 30-60 mins of exercise almost every day… but even 10 mins is better than nothing. If you hate going to the gym, join a recreational sports league or find a way to get some exercise at home. Find something you are likely to stick with… you don’t have to love it, but for the benefit of your health, you need to find something you can at least stick with.

I believe that 2-3 pounds of weight loss in a month is great. That adds up to 24-36 pounds a year. A sustainable weight loss strategy will be way more effective in the long run, in spite of the patience required to achieve the results you probably want.

Evolve your eating habits

Keep health top of mind. I’m not saying to feel guilty about having some pizza or chips, if choose to do so. I’m saying if you constantly make small, sustainable improvements to your health… it will add up in the long run. Every little bit counts. A few quick examples:

1)      Say you love pizza, and order one every Saturday. Your favorite pizza includes Bacon, Pepperoni, and Italian Sausage. Instead of ordering this, try Bacon, Mushrooms & Chicken. You might realize it is pretty much as enjoyable, and you are obviously cutting some calories.

2)      Say you are indifferent about your lunch, but love to enjoy a hearty breakfast or dinner. Make your lunch all veggies. Enjoy a big salad with lots of veggies, a cooked vegetable mix, or a vegetarian stir fry. If you would have normally had a fatty meat or bread with lunch, this will make a big difference in the long run.

3)      Say you order a large coffee in the morning with 2 cream and 2 sugar… can you try a medium with 1 cream and 1 sugar? You might notice it at first, but in the long run you still get to enjoy your coffee, but are cutting out a ton of calories.

I’m sure I could name hundreds of examples, but hopefully you get the idea. Constantly making small improvements to your dietary habits will result in significant long term benefits for your health and weight.

Evolve your exercise habits

Our bodies were not created to be sedentary. Our bodies were created to walk, work, travel & hunt. These days, we don’t get the kind of exercise we might naturally have gotten in the early days… so we need to find a way to balance that a bit. The key again is to find something you can stick with, and every little bit counts. Here are a few ideas:

1)      Buy some resistance bands. If you are watching TV at night, do some resistance band exercises during commercials. You can do other kinds of exercises as an alternative that better target your legs, or whatever it is you want to work on. If each commercial break is 2 mins, and you exercise during 5 commercial breaks… that’s 10 mins of exercise. If you were not doing this before, that’s a great start.

2)      Go for a walk. Especially in the summer, walks can be very enjoyable. You get to enjoy the outdoors and the fresh air. It can help clear your mind, and make you feel great. Again, even a 15 min walk around the block is better than nothing… and you might grow to enjoy it, which would obviously make you want to go for longer walks.

3)      Join a recreational sports league. There are many recreational sports leagues that are not extremely competitive. They are just about having fun. Was there a sport you used to love or have always wanted to try? Tell your friends, and keep your eyes out for the opportunity to join a recreational sports league.

Remember, while it is suggested you get 30-60 mins of exercise every day… even an extra 30-60 mins a week that you didn’t get before is a good start. If you continuously evolve your exercise habits a little bit, that 30-60 mins per week might become 60-120 mins per week in 6 months… and this might continue to evolve from there. This constant improvement can be very enjoyable and is sustainable.

The power of mindset and momentum

Too often, we just come to accept that we are an overweight person. We set the expectation in our minds that even though we know we SHOULD lose some weight, we are just a bigger person, so no real pressure to do anything about it. It is a powerful tool when you can train yourself to believe that instead of “I am an overweight person” you are “A person who is constantly improving their health”. Your brain literally starts to believe you are a person who is improving your health, and will help guide you how to do this. Once you start to lose a little bit of weight, you start to gain momentum. Small changes in positive momentum will again add up in the long run.


As you can see, there really isn’t a miracle instant cure to lose weight. Supplements such as Coffee Bean Extract can be a great help in your efforts to lose weight, but it is a lot of small things put together, that will ensure your optimal long term health and weight loss success.

My Story & Coffee Bean Extract Review

I had been steadily gaining weight for years. After high school and college, I didn’t have as many active hobbies as I used to, as most of my time (and my peers) was taken by work & being in a relationship. While I floated around 230ibs for the longest time, I slowly started to go above that mark. Eventually, in October 2011 I hit my peak which was 260ibs.

I started my journey to better health in October 2011.

I always knew I was overweight, but even at 260ibs I was relatively happy with what I saw in the mirror. Around this time, I was featured in a YouTube video on social media. Watching it, I was horrified at what I saw. For reasons I can’t explain, I saw a person who looked like a sick blob. For the first time ever, I saw a person who looked to be in ill health, as opposed to someone who just had a few extra pounds to lose, which is how I normally saw myself.

There were a few other small influences, but this is the thing that really made me open my eyes, and decide to change.

The changes I made were fairly simple.

1)      Instead of eating 2 large meals a day which is what I used to do, I cut my first meal in half, and added a 3rd meal (lunch) which was all vegetables & a little bit of cheese sauce. The vegetables vary week to week but typically consist of spinach, broccoli & brussel sprouts.  Fresh, not frozen.

2)      With my regular meals, I always try to incorporate more vegetables. I still eat a lot of tasty food that I want to eat, but I just incorporate more vegetables. As an example, I’m a big fan of pulled pork sandwiches which is essentially pork and bbq sauce on a bun. Now, I sauté some peppers, onions, and mushrooms and mix that with the pulled pork on a bun. It still tastes great, but obviously replacing some of the real estate previously occupied by pork with vegetables helps.

3)      I added fruit to my diet. I did this by making my own juice out of lime, lemon, orange and water. I mix this with about 20% actual store brought juice, which makes it less bitter to taste. I also have a piece of pineapple about an hour after dinner. Again, not difficult to do.

4)      I commit to a certain amount of light exercise every day. I’m not talking anything crazy here… I just watch TV and during commercials, I might do some jumping jacks or lift some weights. I do these 1.5 min exercise bursts 8 times on an average night. That’s only a total of 12 mins of exercise a day, which is really nothing. During the summer, I also go for a swim or golf every once in a while. All easy stuff.

Utilizing the above steps alone set me in the right direction. I started to lose weight, and by July 2012 I was down to 236ibs. I was pretty happy about losing 24ibs in 9 months. After these initial results, I noticed that my weight loss sort of stalled. In August and September I was still around 236ibs.

It was around this time I was doing some research for my business (niche content websites) and I noticed a surge of people searching for green coffee bean extract. After doing some research on it, I was thinking this might be something I would consider trying. I don’t normally believe in weight loss pills, but I liked the natural nature of the product… it’s coffee beans, and we have all probably had coffee at some point or another. Eventually, I noticed an episode of the Dr. Oz Show about it. While I didn’t like how he was touting it as a miracle fat burner, and basically was suggesting it would help you lose weight without doing anything else, I still decided to give it a whirl.

I started taking coffee bean extract in October 2012. When I weighed myself in late October, I was 235ibs. Nothing to write home about, but it was a step away from that 236ibs I was stuck at. In November I weighed myself, and I was 235ibs. This continued:

Dec 11 – 233

Dec 29 – 228

Jan 05 – 225

Jan 12 – 224

Jan 19 – 223

Jan 26 – 222

Feb 02 – 221

Feb 16 – 220

My Review and thoughts on Coffee Bean Extract

I believe it works. Of course, I have no evidence to say my continued weight loss isn’t simply because I have been eating a bit better and exercising more, but my feeling is that the weight loss has been far too easy for it not to be partially due to coffee bean extract. I also believe the fact that my initial weight loss stalled around 236ibs (a weight I had been stuck at for many years before), and then started again when I started taking coffee bean extract is enough evidence for me that it helps.

I don’t think it is a miracle, but I look at it this way. For every 2 ibs you might have lost due to decent eating habits and exercise, it allows you to lose an additional pound for free. Lose 20ibs due to effort; be rewarded with 30ibs of weight loss. This is actually very rewarding. I can honestly say that losing this weight hasn’t been that difficult.

If you are looking for a healthy way to lose weight and are willing to couple it with half decent eating habits and a minimal amount of exercise, I believe it is worth it for you to try coffee bean extract. It is also good to try if you have decent habits, but seem to be stuck at a certain weight.

It is very rewarding to see the results. I think this is another reason to try it out. For me, when I notice the results… it just reinforces the idea that I should continue to eat better and exercise, and that motivation is a positive side effect to these habits and coffee bean extract.

What remains to be seen

What remains to be seen is if you gain the weight back if you stop taking the pill. Obviously, I don’t want to be on some weight loss supplement for the rest of my life. For now, it’s worth the $20-$25/month cost to help me achieve my weight loss goals, but once I reach my goal… I want to be able to maintain these results without the ongoing help of coffee bean extract… or at least with a very minimal dosage.  Due to the fact I still want to lose more weight, I have not yet tried to see what would happen if I stopped taking coffee bean extract, but once I do… I’ll post the up to date results here.

Have you tried Coffee Bean Extract? If so, please share your results. Please also share what brand you purchased and from where. I know not all brands are created equal… there are cheap knockoffs and imitation products out there which very well might not work, and I would like to identify those, and also point out the ones that seem to work.

Green Coffee Bean Extract Benefits

The popularity of green coffee beans extract is a direct result of the many benefits it offers. These include helping people lose weight and keeping it off, and helping with diabetes and heart disease.  A number of studies have so far supported the claim that this extract helps with weight loss. The main benefits of this extract come from Chlorogenic acid which is in green coffee beans. Some of the most talked about benefits of green coffee bean extracts are discussed below.

Weight Loss

Losing weight is one of the most talked about benefits of green coffee extract. In fact, most people who take this supplement do so primarily as a part of their weight management efforts. Not only does taking this supplement aid in shedding weight, it helps to maintain the weight loss as well. Its ability to help in decreasing the amount of glucose absorbed in the body is the secret behind this benefit.

Blood Pressure

Studies done show that the greater the dosage of green coffee extract taken the better the result in lowering blood pressure. A daily dosage of 185 mg is recommended for reducing blood pressure readings.

Regulating Blood Sugar

We often ignore the importance of maintaining healthy blood sugar levels, at least until our health is affected. The truth is, the average person knows very little about how to keep their blood sugar at optimum levels. Exercise plays an integral role, but diet is also an important factor. This is where the use of green coffee bean extract is especially useful.


Another great benefit of green coffee bean extract is the power to detox and cleanse your system.  In the process of eliminating fat, the elements in green coffee also help to remove the toxicity that builds up in your body due to the foods you consume. This leads to improved liver health as toxins leave the body instead of staying inside causing damage to vital organs.

Controlling Heart Disease

Heart disease is the number one killer so finding a natural way to help protect and keep the heart healthy is important. The presence of heart healthy compounds in green coffee bean extract is one of the amazing benefits to be derived from taking this supplement.

Like green tea, green coffee bean also has antioxidant properties and provides all the associated benefits. One of the roles of antioxidants in the body is to help get rid of free radicals which hasten the aging process and can lead to various illnesses. By minimizing the effects of stress induced aging, the antioxidant properties of green coffee extract supplements help to make cells more efficient. This means better circulation of blood which is important for the organs such as the heart and for skin health.

More studies are still being done to fully explore all the health benefits of green coffee bean extract. It was recently suggested that this supplement also has a positive impact on mental health as well. The fact that it also contains the antioxidant polyphenol means that it has additional health benefits. These compounds help to protect the cells of the body from the damaging effects of free radicals. One of health benefits of this antioxidant is its cancer-fighting properties. Other possible benefits of this product include helping to improve bone density and eye health. Some users point to the fact that the use of this supplement is also beneficial to immune system health as well. It is however important to follow the instructions provided to gain the benefits.

To get the most from the full range of health benefits from green coffee bean extract, it is important to use the correct dosage and to take it on a daily basis. For maximization of weight loss while using this supplement it is good to have an exercise routine and to eat sensibly. While studies have shown that weight loss occurs without these additional steps, their incorporation leads to better results.

Where to Get Green Coffee Bean Extract

Many people now know the benefits of green coffee bean extract but are not quite sure where to get it. Before you start looking for places to buy this supplement do some research by reading reviews and talking to people. This research will provide you with the information you need to buy the best quality green coffee bean extract. With the growing interest in health and wellness, finding any supplement that purports to aid in improving health is generally not difficult.

Places to Buy Green Coffee Bean Extract

  • Online

The Internet is the most popular place to purchase green coffee bean extract in its various forms. A search online will bring up thousands of sites that sell the product. When buying online, do not look for the cheapest product as this may mean getting those that are of inferior quality. If possible, ask for samples before buying, as this will help you make the right decision.

  • Health Food Stores

Most health food stores will carry some brands of green coffee bean extract. Talk to the sales representative and ask questions if this is your first time buying. Some sales persons will direct you to the best brand depending in which benefit of the supplement is most important to you. Not everyone who buys this product wants to lose weight.

  • Pharmacies

Don’t be surprised to find that some pharmacies, even big chains like Walgreens carry this product in their supplement aisles. If you don’t see it, ask over the counter as it may have been placed somewhere else.

  • From the Manufacturer

Many producers of green coffee bean extract sell directly to customers. One of the benefits of buying directly from the source is generally a better price. When going this route, make sure to check the shipping cost as this may make it too expensive.

How to Buy Green Coffee Beans

If you plan on buying the best quality green coffee beans to brew yourself, you need to know what to look for. Not everyone wants the readymade extract, so buying good quality beans is important. When it comes to finding the best and freshest green coffee beans, these pointers should be helpful:

  • Any sign of a pinkish color on the outside or pinkish cracks could indicate that the beans are not of the best quality.
  • Feel the beans, if they give when squeezed they were not properly dried and are likely to develop mold. If they are easily crushed or look and feel glassy, then they were over-processed. The extreme temperatures that result in over-processing will affect the nutritional content making it less beneficial.
  • Smell the beans, as fermentation or any damage resulting from smoke or mold can be easily detected before brewing or roasting.
  • Find out where the beans are from as some geographical areas have better coffee beans than others.  Some locations known for the quality of their coffee are Brazil, Jamaica and Hawaii.

Now that you know where to get green coffee bean extract and how to test the quality, it is important to evaluate the sources before purchasing. With anything that is as popular as this supplement, the risk of scams will always be present. You need to know where you are getting the supply from to prevent your financial information from being stolen and to ensure that you get what you purchased. Some ways to protect yourself when purchasing green coffee bean extract, especially online, include:

  • Buying from known sources, such as a supplier that has both online and brick-and-mortar stores. If the supplier exists only online, look for reviews from customers. If the seller has a reputation for failing to deliver on time or to provide the right item, do not buy from that company.
  • Ask questions of the supplier as well to help you determine what standards if any are being followed. Any supplier or vendor who refuses to provide information on their product should be avoided.
  • Start with a small order first. If you are satisfied then you can easily buy in larger quantities afterwards, since the product can keep for at least two years if stored properly.

Once you know exactly what you need, it becomes easier to find out where to get green coffee bean extract. Regardless of the source, always check to make sure you make the right order, since, apart from scams, mistakes can happen. If you buy in bulk so you will always have your supply handy, make sure to store your supplements as directed.

How to Take Green Coffee Bean Extract

Just about everyone has heard about the weight loss and other benefits of green coffee bean extract. The difference between the green bean and regular coffee is that the fat burning, Chlorogenic Acid, is not destroyed by heating in the unprocessed green beans. Processed coffee beans go through a roasting method that effectively destroys the bulk of this acid before it could reach you.  This product is now so popular it can be purchased in lots of places including online stores. The issue for some who want in on this amazing new weight loss product is to decide which brand to purchase. Others have to decide on how much to have if they decide to make their own.  What is not such common knowledge is how to take green coffee bean extract for maximum benefit.

Making Your Own Extract

Some people buy green coffee beans from health food stores, online or other sources and bring to a boil /simmer in distilled water for about 15 minutes. The distilled water has no additives that can affect the taste of the finished brew. After this period of boiling or simmering, the brew is set aside for approximately one hour, although it can be longer depending on taste. One ounce of this mixture can be taken in the morning and again in the evening. To make it more palatable, you can add honey or some other sweeter.

How to Reap the Benefits of Green Coffee Bean Extract

Like any other kind of supplement, you need to know how to take green coffee bean extract to maximize the benefits. Knowing the daily requirements and taking it at the right time will make all the difference in how well this supplement works. First off, this product should ideally be taken before eating as doing this helps to control blood sugar levels. Green coffee bean extract comes in a number of forms making it easy for people to take it in any way they prefer. Apart from tablets and capsules, it is available in powder and liquid forms.

The quantity to be taken varies depending on the maker, but the consensus is that is best taken between 10 and 30 minutes before eating. The dosage amount ranges between 400mg and 800mg up to three times daily.  Some research has even reported good weight loss results in people who use 200mg daily. For most persons, 400mg is the preferred dosage, but depending on the result, some users prefer to increase this slowly over a period of weeks or months. From articles published online, between 1200mg to 1600mg per day is all that is needed to attain your weight loss goals.

The best guide to how many times per day to take this extract is to determine how many full meals you have per day. The supplement works by controlling blood sugar levels. If you will not be consuming carbohydrates at each meal there is no reason to take it before those that are carb free. Some studies show that taking 200mg of green coffee bean extract twice per day for 12 weeks resulted in an average of 2.5 kilo or five and a half pounds lost. The best thing about this is that the participants in the studies made no changes to their diet and exercise routines while taking the supplement.

Side Effects

No side effects have been reported from taking green coffee bean extract.  As a precautionary note, it is best if pregnant and nursing women not use green coffee bean extract without first talking to their doctor. Anyone who tends to have any type of reaction to caffeine, such as becoming jittery or high-strung, should discuss taking this supplement with a medical professional.

Having green coffee bean extract should become a daily habit so that you do not miss taking this supplement. To get the full benefits you need to take it consistently, but do not take extra if you miss a day or two. It will take approximately 12 weeks to start seeing any real results from taking the supplement if it is taken correctly. Adding exercise and a balanced diet to your daily activities will increase the weight loss benefits.

Coffee Bean Extract Weight Loss

One of the latest weapons in the fight against obesity is green coffee bean extract. Currently there is a lot of buzz surrounding this compound, sparking a flurry of Internet searches. The intense interest is not unusual, as people are always looking for help in shedding extra pounds. Coffee bean extract weight loss is more than a trend, it is a viable solution for anyone trying to boost their weight loss efforts.

One of the dangers of the promotion of weight loss products and health supplements in general, is misinformation. Consumers are sometimes led to believe that there is some type of magic bullet effect. Promotional material may suggest that after a short period, users will experience great results.

How Coffee Bean Extracts Works

Coffee bean extract contains compounds, which are vital not only for maintaining healthy weight, but also for healthy living in general. So far, studies have linked successful weight loss stories to a naturally occurring compound called chlorogenic acid. This compound is missing in roasted beans, as the roasting process reduces the level of the compound. Research has shown that chlorogenic acid has a positive effect on the body’s metabolic rate, enabling faster burning of fat. It also regulates glucose levels, an important but sometimes overlooked aspect of weight management.

How it is Made

This extract is obtained in various ways depending on the source, but the result is the same. The green coffee beans are soaked and in some processes, they are lightly brewed. Another process involves subjecting the beans to high pressure until they break down and the healthy compound is released. This is then concentrated and used to produce the supplement.

The extract is sold in different ways, so users have a choice in how they use it. A number of brands offer it in capsule or tablet form accompanied by dosing guidelines. Some people will also buy the green coffee beans and handle the brewing themselves.

Additional Benefits of Green Coffee Bean Extract

Like many other supplements available today, green coffee extract actually offers other benefits. Some users of this supplement do not struggle with weight issues. They simply use the products as part of their healthy lifestyle management program. Other benefits of using the supplement are:

  • It helps to prevent blood sugar imbalance: An imbalance can affect body weight, but it could also pose a risk for those predisposed to developing diabetes. Consuming green coffee extract helps to keep blood sugar at healthy levels.
  • Cancer prevention: Green coffee extract is loaded with polyphenols, which are powerful antioxidants.  These help rid the body of free radicals, which have long been known to be a major factor in the development of cancer and aging.
  • It boosts energy levels: Since there is an improvement in the way the body processes glucose, this extract uses glucose to boost energy levels therefore reducing the amount stored as fat in the body. This also makes the body a more efficient fat burner since available fat will be broken down to meet the requirements brought on by periods of activity.
  • It has a beneficial effect on blood pressure, helping to maintain healthy readings.

No side effects of using this supplement have been identified, but experts call for long-term studies. Since it contains caffeine, users may experience similar effect to drinking coffee. It is argued that the levels of caffeine in green coffee beans extract is less since roasting actually increases caffeine levels.

Some users have reported weight loss success even with no noticeable changes in diet and only moderate changes in activity levels. As greater focus is placed on this supplement, further studies may yet unearth other benefits. For now, it continues to inspire weight loss success stories, especially for individuals who had given up their fight against obesity.

Authors and analysts of studies on green coffee beans have been quick to point out that a proper diet and exercise are important component in unleashing the true potential of coffee bean extract. For people who have had little success with their weight loss efforts, this could provide the boost they need.