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Kinect Vs Move

It’s a question that gets asked a lot, which is better, Microsoft’s Xbox 360 Kinect or Sony’s Playstation Move?  The motion sensing controllers have been out for around 2 years now and a large number of titles have been released for both. So which one is better? Well we will leave the decision up to you, and just provide you the details and all you need to know.


The Xbox 360 Kinect is an impressive piece of hardware, it is the only gaming motion sensor that works without the need to be holding a controller of some sort, it uses a sophisticated infrared camera that captures your body movements.

  •  Pros


Straight out of the box, you get the sleek sensor that is rectangular in shape and houses 3 cameras situated on top of a motorized stands that auto adjusts to track your movement. The sensor is connected to the console by a single USB cable.

Kinect Adventures Bundle

With every Kinect bundled in is Kinect Adventures, it combines 5 games that take advantage of the motion sensing capabilities of the Kinect, 20 000 Leaks, River Rush, Reflex Ridge, Space Pop and Rallyball are the five titles found on Adventures.

No Controllers!

If you own a Nintendo Wii, you have probably seen the terrible sight of a Wii mote hurtling towards your expensive TV. Now with Kinect, the no controller aspect is very appealing and all the games support a sort of hands on guide of how to select things with buttons or controls, and some games even support voice input.

  •  Cons

A major issues with Kinect is the amount of space a player needs, the system requires you to stand at least 7 ft away to be able to play, and when your swinging your limbs around the room you need a large amount of space between you and anything else in the room.

The Kinect on its own costs between $100 – $150 and compared to the Playstation move that costs around $50-$70 it’s quite expensive!

Clunky Menu

The Kinect hand-over hovering menu system is incredibly frustrating and feels quite slow and unresponsive.  You often have to hold your arm out over a menu block for about 3-5 seconds before anything happens.

PlayStation Move

The PlayStation Move incorporates a Motion sensitive camera and a move joystick, and has been praised for its brilliant precision.

  •  Pros


The Sony PlayStation Move has plenty more motion sensitive options than that of its rivals, for instance, when playing games like sports champions table tennis, the bat can be rotated in all directions with zero lag between movement and action on the screen,  The slightest motion and the PS Move will pick it up.

Simple Set Up and Good Price!

Even easier than the Kinect, the PlayStation Move is just a simple plug in and play from the camera to the PlayStation 3 Console via USB.  The Move starter kit starts at around $50-$70 and is decently priced compared to the Kinect, although remember you don’t get a game with the starter kit.

Adult Games

Whilst this could be seen as both pro and a con, the games available on the PlayStation move seem much more adult related, with controls that can be difficult to grasp but when you understand the concept it can make for some great game play. Whilst there is still a number of family orientated games, there are not anywhere near the amount available on the Kinect

  •  Cons

Ugly controller

The Move controller has one of the worst designs for a controller I have ever seen. But actually it’s not that bad when you have it in your hand, the grip feels comfortable and natural, and the changing orb is pretty cool.

Lack of Games

The number of AAA games for the PlayStation move is very few and my personal move controller is used very infrequent because of this. However “Sorcery” that was released last month was an absolute blast, so there are some hidden gems, it’s just a shame there are so few!

As each product becomes more popular the number of games that support Kinect and PlayStation move input is ever increasing. The latest FIFA 13 game supports both Kinect and PlayStation move and provides some entertainment, if not gimmicky, features.

Although Kinect sales are still greater than the PS Move the gap is closing and my person verdict is that because the PlayStation move really is great value for money we will see it exceed the sales of Kinect.

Nintendo 3DS

3D Technology Comes to Nintendo’s Newest Handheld System

The newest and most technologically forward thinking product has come to the Nintendo line of handheld gaming.  On March 27, 2011 the Nintendo 3DS was officially launched.

The features are many and the game system price averages in the U.S. at $249.99.  Some retailers have a bundle option which runs from $279-$299 which includes the system, one game and an accessory choice,

3DS’s top screen enables 3D viewing without needing special glasses and also has the ability to turn off or modify the effect of the gamers’ 3D viewing with the 3D Depth Slider input control.  Displaying approximately 16.77 million colors, wide-screen LCD display that is 3.53 inches with 800 x 240 pixel resolutions gives the gamer a whole new experience to enjoy.

Other features unique to the 3DS are the included telescoping stylus which is adjustable to 3.94 inches when fully extended, a stereo camera that allows users to take 3D photos that can be viewed instantly on the 3D screen and a new circle pad input control which allows 360-degree analog input.  Especially important to parents is the fact that the battery life when playing Nintendo 3DS software is 3-5 hours and 5-8 hours when playing other Nintendo DS games.  Most games of the Nintendo DS and DSI line can also be played on the 3DS but will be viewed in 2D with built in compatibility.

In addition to the built-in 3D camera, the system also has built in software such as Nintendo 3DS sound with the capability to support virtual surround sound, a Mii Maker, Mii Plaza,  and new Street Pass technology that lets Nintendo 3DS owners exchange data automatically with other Nintendo 3DS systems with a 2.4 GHz wireless communication feature. Communication among multiple 3DS systems is now possible and access to the Internet is available through wireless LAN access points or Wi-Fi hotspots.  Complete technical aspects and features can be found at

Plenty of Nintendo 3DS games are available now.   Here is an alphabetical listing:

Asphalt 3D

Bust-A-Move Universe

Combat of Giants: Dinosaurs 3D

Dream Trigger 3D

Lego Pirates of the Caribbean

Lego Star Wars III: The Clone Wars

Madden NFL Football

Naruto Shippuden Ninja Destiny 2

Nintendogs + Cats: French Bulldog, Golden Retriever & Toy Poodle options

Pilotwings Resort

Pro Evoluntion Soccer 2011

Rabbids Travel in Time 3D

Rayman 3D

Ridge Racer

Samurai Warriors Chronicles

Splinter Cell 3D

Steel Diver

Super Monkey Ball 3D

Super Street Fighter IV

The Sims 3

Tom Clancy’s Ghost Recon Shadow Wars

Don’t see your favorite on the list gamer?  Not to worry as Nintendo has you covered with many more titles now available to pre-order throughout 2011.

Probably one of the most anticipated is being released (tentatively) on June 19, 2011.  The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time 3D  has recently released a trailer for the game.  Originally released for the Nintendo64 system in 1998, the game is being updated to include remastered graphics and 3D graphics. Some other new features include:

  • Boss Challenge: After beating each boss, you can relive that fight and try to improve your time. Once you defeat all eight bosses, you can choose to run a gauntlet of them all and try to survive.
  • Hint movies: New to the game and great for new players will welcome the hint-movie system, which will give them a glimpse of the future and how they need to proceed in order to see all of the game’s action and story.
  • Master Quest: Once you’ve completed the game, you gain access to the Master Quest where the world has been mirror-flipped, and the dungeon puzzles are all different.

It remains to be seen how the new Nintendo 3DS system will sell but according to a article,

“The Japanese videogame maker said U.S. sales of its 3DS reached nearly 400,000 units in its first week of sales. That was slightly less than the original Nintendo DS, which launched during the Thanksgiving holiday week.”

Microsoft XBOX Kinect

Xbox enters the truly interactive world with the Microsoft Xbox Kinect. The new Xbox accessory has been developed to work with every Xbox 360 (cable required for the older versions) and boasts superior sensing ability so that play is seamless and controlled by the player – literally, there are no remote controls for Kinect gaming. Xbox has developed a product to nudge out the market competition with this excellent device. The Xbox alone is a great online and offline gaming device but the Kinect makes it as interactive and exciting as a Wii, with action packed games and attractions for the whole family.

Other cool features include voice recognition and true 3D interactivity. For gamers this is heaven on earth. Those gamers who want to expand or enhance their gaming experience using Microsoft Xbox Kinect are in for a treat. The Kinect can sense up to four players and online connectivity through Xbox Live means you can play with friends and family anywhere in the world.

The Microsoft Xbox Kinect is advertised as a family product and that is justified. The standout feature of Wii was always the ability for family members to move around together and have a laugh. Xbox Kinect now offers those features too with the added advantage of cutting back on boxes and cabling. Because Kinect connects (try saying that three times fast!) to an existing box the user isn’t looking at adding another batch of boxes and wires to clutter their space.

As mentioned earlier the Microsoft Xbox Kinect connects to all existing Xbox 360s with the only variable between versions being whether the connection is seamless or requiring an additional wire. An exciting variety of games are set to launch along with the product release with pickings available for kids, teens, families and for hard core gamers of course, there is still the online Xbox Live experience. Microsoft Xbox Kinect games at launch will include:

  • Sports which is a variety pack of athletics, individual and team sports.
  • Your Shape Fitness Evolved which is a unique program tailored to the game player’s individual fitness level with constant adjustments and feedback as the player progresses. Game options include workout with a personal trainer or with a group.
  • Zumba lovers also get a great workout with the new Zumba fitness. Also perfect for those wanting some practice before braving a public Zumba class!
  • Dance lovers who want to get down without the fitness component will enjoy moving to the groove of Dance Central choreographed steps.
  • Kinectimals will be a real treat for the younger members of the family. This gorgeous game enables players to nurture and train an incredible exotic pet.
  • Kinect Adventures and Joy Ride both put players in the driver’s seat of some amazing 3D incredibly real fast paced action. These will also probably be the funniest games to watch other people play as they require players to jump, dodge, swerve and duck!
  • Sonic is back in Sonic Free Riders, a game for the whole family which will challenge players in an action filled adventure.

A few other games are in the cards for release soon after in early 2011. No doubt a number of the games listed will be bundled with the Microsoft Xbox Kinect hardware for added value. The cost value of the Kinect has experienced some initial criticism from punters who say that in terms of price, Kinect isn’t value for money compared with other products. That criticism has been challenged with Kinect proponents claiming that the expected Kinect bundle, because it comes packaged with everything users need, is better value for money than its main competitors; Playstation and Wii. With those products, Kinect supporters argue, the necessary components are extra and when added to the base costs, make Microsoft Xbox Kinect the best value for money on the market. Anticipated launch is November 2010, just in time for Christmas!

XBOX 360 Accessories

Take Your Xbox 360 to the Next Level with Accessories

Video game collectors worldwide were delighted with the release of Microsoft’s Xbox 360 in 2005.  The upgraded version of the original Xbox console, the new system is currently available in three configurations: the Arcade, Pro, and Elite.  The Xbox 360 Arcade is the base model and comes with a wireless controller, composite audio/video cables, and a 256 MB memory chip.  Gamers with this core version can enjoy the hundreds of games now sold for the system, but there is a wide variety of accessories on the market that optimize the playing experience.  To get the most out of this impressive console, buyers should consider investing in some of these must have accessories for the Xbox 360.

One of the most attractive features of the Xbox 360 is its capability to connect to the internet through Xbox LIVE.  With this subscription-based software, users can play with other gamers across the country and even around the world.  Xbox LIVE takes multi-player games to the next level by adding a new dynamic of competition and partnership among users.  The top-rated accessory for using LIVE is the Xbox 360 Messenger Kit, which includes a Chatpad and headset.  The Chatpad is a hand-held controller attachment with letters and symbols arranged like on a keyboard.  Its keys are also backlit so that they’re easy to see in the dark.  Using a basic controller, Xbox owners must enter text by selecting letters one by one with the thumbstick, but the Chatpad allows for quick, convenient typing instead.

While a basic headset comes with the Messenger Kit, many Xbox owners prefer more specialized gear.  A headset is essential for playing first-person combat games with opponents on the internet.  The fast-moving action and strategic planning involved in these games requires teammates to communicate directly, and the features on most Xbox headsets facilitate that need.  Numerous models are available, but the most popular styles have an extended mouthpiece that curves non-distractingly in front of the user’s mouth.  The comfortable headpiece also acts as a sound insulator, giving players a full surround stereo experience during game play.  With a headset, an Xbox player doesn’t have to worry about disturbing others with high television volume while enjoying the cinema-quality sound in each game.

The Xbox 360 raised the bar for driving games by unveiling the Wireless Racing Wheel.  The wheel comes with a weighted gas and brake pedal set that makes racing titles more realistic than ever.  This accessory, which features a quick-release table mount, is simple to configure and use.  Furthermore, Force Feedback technology gives drivers the sensation of actually being on the road by simulating the pull of tight turns and the varying textures of terrain.  The Xbox 360 Wireless Racing Wheel provides greater control and maneuverability than the standard wireless controller.

A popular trend that has reached each of the best-selling platforms is the competitive music gaming.  Titles like Rock Band, Guitar Hero, and American Idol have taken this fairly new genre by storm by simultaneously encouraging group interaction, creativity, and fine motor skills.  Successfully translating the key concepts from instrumental and vocal music into addictive Xbox games requires a unique set of accessories.  As one of the core instruments used, guitars are available from a number of brands and generally in lead and bass styles.  There are also drum sets that players can customize with separately sold decals, as well as bass pedals and real drum sticks.  For singers, the Xbox 360 is compatible with almost any video game microphone on the market.  From essential instruments to purely esthetic equipment like fog machines and lighting kits, the music accessories for the Xbox 360 have helped to sell millions of titles around the world.

No matter your hobby, it’s likely that the Xbox 360 has a game that will interest you.  Clever accessories only make gameplay smoother and more fun, and they’re sold on shelves and websites anywhere similar items are found.  A broad selection of brands and technological capabilities for each type of product ensure that you’ll find gear that fits your budget.  Maximize your playing experience by accessorizing your Xbox 360.

Where to buy Nintendo Wii

Where to Buy a Nintendo Wii

So, you’ve decided to buy a Nintendo Wii.  Good choice. The Nintendo Wii is a close competitor with the Xbox 360 and the Playstation 3, but it has the unique feature of its wireless remotes.  They can interact with the console as a handheld pointer and sense movement in 3D, so don’t expect to be sitting to play these games; get up and get moving! Need another plus? The Nintendo Wii, as the descendant of the Gamecube, will play ALL of its games!! The Nintendo Wii console also has the ability to receive messages and updates from the Internet while in standby mode. (You DO have to actually hook it up to the Internet to enable the WiiConnnect24 feature!)

Ready to buy? Ok, what are you going to find in that box once you get it?  That will depend on which box you choose and, to a certain extent where you are going to buy a Nintendo Wii. Not all stores have all options! At standard discount stores such as Target, Wal-Mart and Kmart, you can buy a basic Nintendo Wii Console at it’s least expensive, and it can cost anywhere between $250 to around $300 dollars.  For this price you will receive the Wii Console, a metal stand with a plastic stabilizer base, one Wii remote, one Nunchuck controller, and a game of some kind; usually Wii sports (a really fun game I might add, my kids love it!)

There are more expensive choices, of course, those containing Wii Fit, ones that come with your choice of two beginner games, a box that comes with the Wii Dance Mat, etc. These Nintendo Wii boxes can cost as much as $450 – $500 depending on where you are shopping to buy your Nintendo Wii!  Which box you choose and how much you pay just depends on how much you are willing to spend and what you are looking for. Occasionally, especially around holidays, your discount stores will carry these “special” packs for less than you would otherwise spend.

There are also the accessory packs that you can add on afterwards such as the “sports pack” which run between $35 and $50 depending on where you buy it. There are spare remotes and nunchucks as well as special colored “covers” that you can purchase for them that will help you hold onto the remote. (I have actually accidentally thrown mine once while playing, so this IS a consideration!) Individually these cost around $15 – $25 depending on store. Shop around for where to buy these Nintendo Wii accessories! Don’t forget to look at the steering wheel if you purchase a racing game.  The one that snaps onto your remote only runs around $10 and, we think, is every bit as fun as the $100 one that vibrates.

Of course, discount stores are not your only alternatives as places to buy a Nintendo Wii.  Occasionally, if you are one of the lucky ones, you can find the Nintendo Wii and its accessories in Outlet stores such as Big Lots, Midtown, or your nearest electronics outlet. Usually outlet stores will have the same products you would buy elsewhere but at slightly lower prices.

Still can’t find what you’re looking for?  You could try an electronics store such as Circuit city, Best Buy, Radio Shack or Fry’s but that should be a last resort. There are also your Mall department stores such as JCPenny and Sears that are also alternatives as locations to buy the Nintendo Wii console, games and accessories.  You will probably end up paying more here unless you happen to hit on a very good sale. Watch the paper for deals if you must resort to this!!

There is another option for where to buy your Nintendo Wii that we have not yet explored but it means buying your Nintendo Wii “sight unseen” so to speak.  You can always buy over the Internet.  This gives you a plethora of options.  Just type “Nintendo Wii console” into your favorite search engine and follow your fingers.  (Be sure to put “console” after “Nintendo Wii” or accessory sites you are not looking for yet will bombard you!) I might add that while prices do seem competitive; never forget to add in that annoying shipping cost!

What?  You’re still looking for a lower price? Hmmm…well I do have one last option for you on where to buy your Nintendo Wii.  But you have to like to haggle to deal with it.  If you don’t mind a bit of a wait and you’re good a finding a deal, there are auction sites online that list the Nintendo Wii.

I’m sure everyone has heard of but it’s NOT the only one out there!  Just as an example of a couple, there’s and   Do a search for “auction sites” in your favorite search engine and follow where it leads, or go to for the leading 20 online auction sites!  I hope you now have some good ideas on where to start looking to buy a Nintendo Wii.  Good luck and happy playing!

Nintendo DS

Nintendo DS

Launch Date: November 2004.

The Nintendo DS is the latest hand-held console from the exceptionally talented developers at Nintendo. How has the DS improved on the hand-held consoles of old?

I’m almost certain you have come across the Nintendo Game Boy – whether it’s the original Game Boy, the Game Boy Color or the Game Boy Advance you have heard of, it doesn’t matter. The success of these consoles was amazing and is why the Nintendo DS included a very handy feature which allows you to play your Game Boy Advance games on it, as well as the new DS games.

What new features and benefits will make you want a Nintendo DS?

The initial design difference from the older consoles; whether they be from Nintendo, Sega or Atari (or anyone else for that matter!), is the two screens (DS actually stands for Dual Screen!) – Not only do you get two good sized screens, one of them is a touch screen! The touch screen is what enables the enormously different and interesting spectrum of games for the DS to keep rolling off the production line.  The user controls the touch screen (and the action) with a stylus, and in certain games has to draw to create pictures, or drag a character across the screen – the top screen is often used for inventory or map information, but can also be used as an extension to the platform (when climbing up a mountain for example).

The features of the DS doesn’t stop with the dual screen, oh no, it also has a microphone built-in. This can be extremely useful and entertaining in games that require voice interaction, such as an animal training game where you can teach your dog to sit by literally saying ‘sit’ into the DS! The DS and its games are forever evolving and you can even connect via Wi-Fi with certain games and utilities.

The DS is a lot more powerful than the last hand-held console released by Nintendo, the Game Boy Advance (GBA). As I mentioned above, it is backwards compatible, so you can play all your favorite GBA games on your shiny new DS.

What about the specifications?

The DS is a beast when it comes to specs (for a hand-held console!), the screens are both backlit and 3-inches, and the bottom one is a transparent touch screen. The console comes with wireless communication (IEEE 802.11) and has a range of between 30 to 100 feet.

If you’re worried about the sound, you shouldn’t be; it comes with stereo speakers which provides virtual surround sound and of course a headphone socket for when you want to play privately! One of the best things about the DS is it comes with a battery giving you between 6 and 10 hours of gaming – plenty enough for a long day of Mario Kart!

The original, with a little extra

If you are looking to get a DS, you may want to consider the two recent upgrades. One is the DS Lite and the newest is the DSi. The DS Lite has had a slight make-over, with a smaller case and a 20% brighter light than the original DS, along with a slightly easier to hold (bigger) stylus and 3 different colors. The DSi defies logic and somehow gets even smaller than the DS Lite, whilst having a bigger and brighter screen! It also includes two 0.3 megapixel cameras, better sound and a SD memory card slot.

In summary, if you’re looking for a hand-held console that offers fun and laughter whatever your age, the DS is a must! It’s not a surprise to hear that it has outsold Sony’s hand-held console (PSP) by an enormous amount, and with a few new upgrades making the DS even better than before your choice of the perfect hand-hold console is no longer a matter of which brand to go with, but simply which Nintendo DS should you choose?!

Nintendo Wii

A Brief History

In 2005, video game consoles bowed down to the awesome Nintendo Wii.  This console marks Nintendo’s 5th unit released, and by far it is the most advanced gaming system available to the public.  This system has sold more units than the Microsoft Xbox 360 or the Sony Playstation 3.  A big reason this console is so attractive to markets all over the world is the wireless remote used to control games.  This controlling technique is extremely unique and exciting to gamers all over.

The revolutionary Wii system has taken the world by storm.  Even after years of it being available to the public, stores are sold out within minutes of stocking them.  This system is so popular because it applies to more than the general gaming community.  People from age 3 to 103 can enjoy the benefits of the Wii.  The wireless remote and nun chuck control device make movement of virtual game pieces lifelike.  Small children can easily wave their hand and roll a bowling ball down a virtual lane, or catch a big-mouth bass in a lake scene of their choosing.  The realistic movement of the controller, combined with many of the Wii’s lifelike games, brings hours of entertainment to all ages, not just the youngsters.

The release of products from Nintendo, such as the Wii Fit has been inspiring many gamers to get up and get active, another reason this console is so popular.  Wii Fit will take you through different and fun exercise activities, and even keep a record of your weight and body mass.  These “get up and get moving” experiences from Wii have more than just kids and their parents enjoying video games.  The Wii has become a popular tool in hospitals, rehabilitation centers and nursing homes.

The Wii Makes Medical History

Playing games on the Nintendo Wii can help the elderly stay in shape and it’s being confirmed all over the world.  Nursing homes and care centers that cater to the elderly have noticed having a Wii is fun for the members.  Events like bowing or tennis may be too high-impact or even difficult to arrange when we’re older, but the Wii makes it all possible.  With a multi-player function, a bowling tournament can take place in any room.  The older crowd has really responded to the Wii, and it has shown that light activity through the gaming has brought a higher quality of life to those who use it.

Also, stroke and seizure victims have been using the Wii in hospitals as part of a rehabilitation program.  Learning to control movement and getting that hand and eye coordination down again takes dexterity and determination.  The Wii has shown to be helpful, as patients will show signs of progress if they incorporate the Wii into their rehab program.  This console has a lot to offer so many.  How often is it that a video game can bring both entertainment and healing properties to those who use it?

A New Way to Game

It’s fun, it’s useful, it can keep you healthy and help you perfect your yoga skills.  The Nintendo Wii is an incredible video game console.  We are no longer forced to play our video games sitting down.  With the Nintendo Wii, users feel as though they are part of the action.  While seemingly difficult to obtain, depending on your demographic, the Wii has shown to be well worth the wait.  Uniting young and old in the name of video gaming, the Nintendo Wii is an incredible video game console that will have friends and family together enjoying an active approach to playing video games.

XBOX 360 Specs

Microsoft Corporation has once again created the ultimate in gaming with the Xbox 360.  The creators have gone above and beyond with the imagination put into this new game console.  Microsoft employed over 200 engineers to create this new generation of the Xbox.  That’s a lot of employees to work on one project, but Microsoft was determined to produce the best of the best for the gaming public.  They are the most requested gaming system in the United States, today.  Check out the Xbox 360 specs and you too will want one for your own.

The memory is awesome at 512MB GDDR3 RAM with a detachable and upgradeable 20 GB hard drive.  The hard drive is detachable so that it can be upgraded to a larger size in the near future.  There is also a 12X dual-layer DVD-ROM.  The system will support up to 4 wireless game controllers, so no more cords everywhere, has 3 USB 2.0 ports and 2 memory unit slots.

The Xbox 360 has a custom IBM Power PC-based CPU that has 3 symmetrical cores running at 3.2 GHz each, 2 hardware threads per core; 6 hardware threads total.  There is 1 VMX-128 vector unit per core; 3 total, a 128 VMX-128 registers per hardware thread and 1 MB L2 cache.

The custom ATI graphics processor runs with 500 MHz and 10 MB embedded DRAM.  The pixel fill rate is 16 gigasamples per second fill rate using 4X MSAA.  This graphics processor alone sets this console way above any other gaming unit.

One of the neatest features is an instant, out of the box access to Xbox Live features, including Xbox Live Marketplace for downloadable content, gamer profiles, and voice chat to talk to friends while playing games, watching movies or listening to music.  Imagine playing a game and chatting with your friends at the same time.  The unit has a built an Ethernet port, is Wi-Fi ready: 802.11 A, B, and G and is video camera ready.

With the digital media support, you can stream media from portable music devices, digital cameras and Windows XP PCs.  You will be able to rip music to the Xbox 360 hard drive and customize the playlist in every game.  All games are supported at 16:9, 720p and 1080i anti-aliasing.

The audio system supports multichannel surround sound output, has 320 independent decompression channels, 32-bit audio processing and over 256 audio channels.

The Xbox 360 stands vertically or horizontally to fit right in that perfect place in your home.  You can also customize your Xbox 360 with interchangeable faceplates to fit the décor of your room.  There are approximately 120 different faceplates to choose from.  Maybe you would like BBQ colored or lime green, maybe crime screen, crimson, chill, or dalmation would suit you.  I personally like the cobalt nexus and bones.  There are so many, you will have a very hard time deciding which one you like best.  These faceplates are called skins when you get ready to order a few more for changing.

A surprise built into the unit is the liquid cooling system.  It helps to keep the entire Xbox 360 cool for hours of fun.

The Xbox 360 starts at $199.99 and comes with two games.  Other games can be purchased for about $60.00 each.  Some games can be purchased on clearance for about $45.00.  The Xbox 360 weighs about 7.7 pounds (3.5kg) and is 12.15 (309 mm) inches wide by 3.27 (83 mm) inches high by 10.15 (258 mm) inches deep.

If you are looking for the top of the line gaming system, we hope these xbox 360 specs prove this is your baby!

XBOX 360 3 Red Lights

When the XBOX 360 3 Red Lights are flashing it means that the Xbox 360 console has suffered a serious hardware failure. The flashing lights are also known as the Red Ring of Death; once they start flashing the console must be sent to Microsoft for repairs.

The Xbox 360 3 Red Lights is a common problem for Xbox 360 owners. It has been reported that hardware failure rates for the Xbox 360 may be as high as 30%-40%. For more recently manufactured units, however, the failure rate is believed to be lower. This article will help you to understand more about the Xbox 360 3 red lights.

XBOX 360 3 Red Lights Explained

The XBOX 360 3 red lights are said by Microsoft to indicate a “general hardware failure”, another term used by Microsoft is “core digital failure”. When the Xbox 360 is functioning properly there will be 4 green lights around the power button instead of 3 red lights.

Some users may see 4 red lights appear around the power button, but this is not a serious problem. It indicates that the AV cable has not been properly connected to the console. If you have 4 red lights then you can easily fix the problem yourself, but with 3 red lights the only option is to send the console to Microsoft for repairs.

There are a number of signs which may indicate that the XBOX 360 is about to undergo a general hardware failure: the XBOX 360 may freeze-up during game play, the sound may turn to static or strange graphical artifacts may appear, such as pinstripe or checkerboard patterns. Another sign is when the XBOX 360 displays a message stating that it is unable to read an inserted disc. If any of the above have occurred it is suggested that you turn off your XBOX 360 and allow the unit to cool down before operating it again — however, even if you are careful there is no way to guarantee that your XBOX 360 will never undergo a general hardware failure at some point.

Xbox 360 3 Red Lights Fix

If your Xbox 360 is showing 3 flashing lights then it is advised that you phone your local Xbox support line. In the USA the phone number is 1-800-4MYXBOX. Over the phone, a Microsoft representative will arrange for your console to be sent to a repair center. Once you have sent your machine in for repairs, expect to wait 2-4 weeks for it to be returned. It will have been either repaired or replaced with a new unit. As compensation, Microsoft will usually send you a one month free gold subscription to the Xbox Live online service.

Keep in mind that only consoles still under warranty will be repaired by Microsoft.

Causes of the XBOX 360 3 Red Flashing Lights

Generally, the XBOX 360 3 red lights are caused when the console overheats. The design of the XBOX 360 is believed to have been rushed by Microsoft in order to bring the console to the marketplace before the Sony PS3. In rushing the design they did not make proper allowances for heat build-up. The stress of the heat build-up on the electronic components inside the unit inevitably breaks them.

After-market devices such as the Nyko Intercooler may be responsible for causing a general hardware fault in some cases. Microsoft claims that such units drain excessive power from the XBOX 360 and may cause overheating.

 Response from Microsoft

New XBOX 360s produced since late 2007 are reported to be more resilient to heat problems. These units contain a larger heat-sink than the original XBOX 360 consoles. Also, there is a more refined “Falcon” 65nm CPU in these newer models. The new CPU produces less heat then the earlier revision and this may make the units less likely to fail due to over-heating.

It has been reported that Microsoft will be revising the hardware on an annual basis in order to continually improve the survivability of the hardware.

Xbox 360 3 Red Lights Lawsuit

On October 16, 2008 a class action lawsuit was filed against Microsoft by angry Californian XBOX 360 owners. The lawsuit alleges that the failure rate of the Xbox 360 consoles is above 50% and that Microsoft has been aware of this problem since the end of 2005. It alleges that Microsoft knowingly produced faulty consoles and that they have willingly concealed this from consumers. Many Frivolous lawsuits are filed in the US every year however, so it is yet to be seen if this will reveal a serious issue with the system or if it is just another one of those unjustified lawsuits.

PS3 Info

A Comprehensive Look at the PS3

Since its North America release in November of 2006—just six days after its world release in Japan—PlayStation 3 (PS3) has been known for its intelligent design and high cost.  Third place in the United States for seventh generation home console sales—and even after releasing a less expensive version of the elite 80GB hard drive model—the PS3 remains the most expensive home console system on the market at $399.  Don’t let this information alone scare you off, though—there’s more to this system than first glance might allow.

While it has many similar features as its competitors—Bluetooth controllers, WiFi, downloadable content and, in some cases, backward compatibility—it has one increasingly strong feature that its biggest competitors do not.  Sony has included a Blu-ray player.

The Xbox 360 comes with a DVD player built into the system.  For many consumers, this is an important selling point.  The Wii does not come with this feature, operating under the explanation that anyone who wants a DVD player more than likely already has one by now.  DVD players are so common at this point that many of the newer TVs come with them.  With the Blu-ray player in the PS3 (which will also play regular DVDs, upconverting them to near HD quality), they have put themselves at quite an advantage.

When Blu-ray and HD DVD were battling it out for who was going to reign over the high-def territory, the future demand of the PS3 was unclear, but once the announcement that Blu-ray would be taking the lead, it became clear that the PS3 was a valuable commodity—one of the cheapest Blu-ray players out right now, it almost doubles as a game console, rather than being a game console that doubles as a Blu-ray player.  It is also arguably the most “future proof” player, which is to say that it is expected to be more versatile with future upgrades than other models of the players currently available.

Utilizing the relatively newer technology of a 7 SPE cell processor for a CPU, running at about 3.2GHz per SPE, a GPU of 550MHz with full HD capabilities up to a resolution of 1080p and lossless DTS-HD sound through its standard HDMI1.3a output, this amazing piece of machinery crushes both the Xbox 360—running on 3 3.2GHz cores, and only capable of a 1080i picture from its 500MHz GPU—and the Wii, which maxes out at 480p and far less processing power at 729MHz.   The PS3 also has Bluetooth 2.0 compatibility, supporting almost any BT headset, or BT keyboard to use with its many web based capabilities.

With so many great features, one might wonder why the PS3 isn’t doing better in sales.  Would the price alone keep away so many potential buyers?  Understandably, $399 might be daunting for some who want this piece of equipment, but the most common complaint about the system seems to be its lack of worthy games.  While there are a few popular games that have been released exclusively for this system, it hasn’t been enough to make really make heads turn.

Then there is the added problem of backwards compatibility.  With the original 80GB edition, there were complaints about its limited ability to run PS2 games—it ran some of them fine while others couldn’t be read.  The newer, cheaper version of this model, however, has had the backwards compatibility removed entirely due to the expense of including it on the machine.  This becomes a step in the wrong direction for Sony when their previous model had quite a number of highly rated games—the PS3 ends up struggling to catch up.  Many people do not see the need to purchase a new system when the old one plays better games, anyway.

At this point, it seems to come down to something as simple as this: if you’re looking for a Blu-ray player that you can also play a few games on, the PS3 is the way to go.  If you’re looking for an amazing piece of machinery that plays games beautifully, then the PS3 is also for you.  If, however, you’re looking to get the most enjoyment out of the games that you are playing, you might be better served with one of the competing systems, or even the PS2.