Asian Women: Make Up Tips

The cosmetic market has grown invariably with its concentration on products to suit the needs of women of different origins and ethnicities. It is because of this fact that the choice of cosmetics available for women with different skin tones and features are available in plenty in the market. The cosmetic companies primarily concentrate on the various multicultural groups and no longer limit their products to be intended to be used only by women with cool skin tones.  In the past, dominant make up colors included pink based foundations, dark red or pink lipsticks, and purple or blue eye shadows.  However, everything changed in the 1980’s when the whole concept of multicultural make up revolutionized the cosmetic market with the introduction of cosmetics which would suit the needs of women from all backgrounds.

It is very difficult for any women to create a very natural look during the day time and it is mainly because of their difficulty in finding the perfect foundation shade which would match their skin. However, major cosmetic companies have worked quite hard to find a solution for this problem of the Asian women by creating foundation in shades of yellow. With the help of these foundations, Asian women are able to look more natural and sophisticated during the day time as well.

Here are some Asian make up tips that Asian women can check out to help them in putting on the right kind of make up for their skin tone and facial features.

To match the skin of Asian women who usually have a yellow skin, foundation, concealers, and powders with yellow undertones must be used. Contrary to what a lot of Asian women believe, foundation with yellow undertones does not make them more yellow.  Instead, this can create a natural look which makes their skin look more flawless.

When it comes to the eyes, which are considered to be the most expressive part of any women, Asian women are advised to go for natural looking brows. A natural look can be achieved by using a black or a brown eye brow pencil.  Having a natural looking brow should be the goal when putting on make up.    The application of such should be done in feather strokes from the inner eye to the outer edges.  This has to be blended further with a clean eyebrow brush.

The best colors for eye shadow for Asian women come in soft browns, plums and peaches. Asian women can sometimes play with darker shades as well, depending on the occasion. It is better to use dark shades of blue and green for an evening outing. However, it is best to avoid colors like purple and violet as they take away the attention from the features of the individual. The darkest shade should be applied first along the upper lash line.  A medium shade should be applied on the eyelid while a highlighting shade should be applied toward the brow bone.  Eyeliner should line the upper lid only and should come in colors like charcoal, dark brown and dark plum. Colors like navy or soft black should also be considered.  Eye lashes of Asian women are generally straight so it is recommended to use a lash curler before applying mascara on the upper lashes to create a really classic look.  The color of the mascara should be brownish-black, deep black, or soft black. False eyelashes have to be used for special occasions only.

These are just some Asian make up tips which can be helpful to Asian women looking for ways to choose and apply their make up correctly. However, every woman is advised to understand her features perfectly, and then apply make up in such a way that she looks a class apart from others.

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