Beauty Tips

Beauty tips might seem superficial and unnecessary, but sprucing yourself up the right way could mean the difference in immediately achieving the position you desire at work or your perceived place in society.

The job market can be very competitive, and like it or not, sometimes the decision by the employer of whom to hire among equally qualified candidates might come down to who is most presentable.

Some may argue that such decisions are shallow and based purely on appearances. Think of it what you want, but the bottom line is: In order to play the part, you must look the part. And looking the part should never be considered a burden. It should be the result of mapping out your direction for better health and a more positive image.

The following are very important beauty tips and suggestions for women who are career-minded, intelligent and driven to achieve success:

  • Health: Eating the right foods and drinking water or unsweetened iced tea instead of soda is practical for your health and your stamina. Water is the most underestimated liquid a body can ingest. If you stick to what the doctors recommend: 8 glasses of water a day (or roughly 64 ounces) you should be in good shape, provided you are not drinking a six-pack of soda along with it. Water helps purify the body and it is very important for your skin. It promotes rejuvenation of the skin and helps give skin a natural glow.
  • Jewelry: The simpler, the better.  You don’t want to detract attention from yourself and your features (perhaps beautiful eyes, smile or physique) by wearing too much jewelry. Just a simple necklace or bracelet will do. A full set of simple yet attractive jewelry – necklace, bracelet, earrings and watch – exhibits professionalism and organizational skills. Flashing eccentric jewelry can also send an employer the wrong image: The person is about style and not about substance. Your body is like a billboard for what you are trying to sell. Appropriate use of jewelry signifies class.
  • Handbags: Women should never underestimate the value of a simple, yet stylish handbag. It says something about your decision-making skills by choosing a simple handbag that matches you and your wardrobe. Again, you don’t want to flash something that is not all about you. You don’t want a handbag that matches the size of a kitchen trash bag. You want a petite handbag that flows with your fashion and jewelry. Matching your handbag with your other features, again, shows you have your act together.
  • Jeans: Obviously, for job interviews, you will want to wear a dress or a blouse with dress pants. However, if you are happy with where you work, and maybe you are still eyeing a promotion, dress up nicely with a pair of jeans (provided your employer allows such attire) every now and then. Matching the right blouse with a pair of jeans that show no age projects a healthy image. You exhibit comfort and confidence in your jeans, yet you are also telling those around you that you will never sacrifice style. It will make people say “Wow” instead of “What?”
  • Devote time to yourself: Too often in a hectic society, where we are all trying to get ahead and by doing so we are trying to impressive everyone around us, sit back and reflect on what’s most important: You. Without taking care of yourself, you will lose confidence and self-esteem. Pamper yourself. Go shopping and buy a new wardrobe in the spare of the moment. Try that perfume you always wanted. And don’t feel guilty, either. By spending time by yourself, reading or trying on new makeup or jewelry, you are renewing yourself. You are not a robot. You are your own best asset. Treat yourself accordingly.

These five topics serve as a backbone for what a career woman should set forth in order to achieve what she wants. They all embody a characteristic of caring about you. We all have an image to uphold. If we don’t plan what’s best for us, our image will not be very attractive to others (including employers). Beauty tips such as this are not shallow and unneeded. They can define you and lead you in the right direction.

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