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About Cat Toys.

Why cats love toys.

All cats have boundless energy and they love nothing more than playing with cat toys of virtually any variety. Many pet stores, supermarkets and other stores have masses and masses of cat toys in stock, but you do need to be careful when you’re considering toys for your cat. Wild cats are hunters by nature so chasing toys is second nature to them. The old adage ‘curiosity killed the cat’ is a very accurate summing up of how cats behave. If you’ve left a bag or a box lying around near your cats you’ll know that they love nothing more to jump in the box and see what they can find.

This natural curiosity and love for chasing things is vital to a cat’s development. It strengthens muscles and increases your cat’s alertness, it keeps them healthy and young and improves their general health.

Important points to consider.

When you’re considering a toy for a cat, remember that simple is often best. A small ball with little bells will provide weeks of entertainment for your cats. Many cat toys use catnip; catnip has an incredible effect on any cat, acting as an addictive hallucinogen.

Making your own cat toys.

It’s quite reasonable to make toys for your cat, as anything that moves is an instant attraction to cats and kittens alike (try taking your socks off and wiggling your toes in front of them!). Screwing up a ball of paper or enticing them with a piece of string, even a table tennis ball especially if used on a wooden floor. You should always remember to be careful though. Make sure the paper has no dye on it, and even though cats like toys much smaller than they are, make sure they can’t swallow and choke on the toys.

The perils of not providing toys.

If you don’t provide toys like this for your cat you may find they create their own toys from anything they can find lying around. In fact, quite often you will find they do this anyway. Anything that they see move, or makes a quiet noise is an attractive prospect for a toy.

About Cat Food.

Why cat food is so important.

Food is obviously very important for your cats as it helps growth and ensures that your cat remains healthy and active. Getting the right cat food is vital to the continued well being of your cat and many different foods have many different advantages and disadvantages. You may well think that any food will do and that you can just walk into your local store or supermarket and pick up the first, and probably, cheapest tin you see. However, recent developments have shown that some tinned cat foods may actually be doing your cat more harm than good.

What to do to ensure you’re buying good cat food.

With the worries over commercial cat food, it is important for cat owners to find a suitable answer and make sure they are buying cat food that is not only safe but also active in encouraging growth and good health in their cats. One such owner, Ann Martin, has brought about a sea of change in the pet food consumer’s world. She proved that her dogs died because the food she was buying them had 20 times more than the daily recommended amount for dogs.


With more and more consumers paying greater attention to the cat food they buy, they have noticed a significant improvement in the appearance and health of their cats; skin, coat, fur and eyes invariably appear much healthier and many health problems their cats suffered before changing the food have now disappeared.

A greater awareness.

One of the most important changes that cat owners have seen is a much-improved awareness. Owners are learning that reading the label on your cat food is just as important as on your own food. Cats have similar dietary needs to humans, in so far as they require levels of certain vitamins and nutrients and that having too much of any of these can be as dangerous as getting none.

The price of health.

Unfortunately, the better the food is the more it normally costs. Even foods like Iams, which still isn’t as healthy as a good cat food should be, are quite a bit pricier than cheap supermarket brands but you can’t put a price on your cat’s health. Do a little research and find out exactly what you should be feeding your cat, and then become accustomed to reading your cat food tins whenever you buy any.

Caring for your pregnant cat.

The facts.

Cats often turn up on the doorstep wanting to be let in, and there’s no way you can tell whether she’s pregnant or not until she shows symptoms. For this reason it is very difficult to accurately predict a birth date for your litter of kittens. However, we do know that the average gestation period of a cat is between 63 and 65 days but the only really accurate way to use this information is to count forward from the day your cat bred. If you think your cat may be pregnant then the first thing you should do is to take her to the vets to get her checked out and then take her for regular checkups.

During her pregnancy and the subsequent nursing period of your cat you should feed her a special kitten food, both meat and biscuits. This contains all the vitamins and additives required to keep her and her kittens healthy. Once she becomes pregnant, your cat will develop even more loving and needy attributes to normal. Morning sickness and a heightened appetite will also be evident with your mother-to-be eating up to 3 times as much as normal.

The delivery.

Cats usually experience very few problems with labour or delivery but you should always try to be there if your cat is to be a first time mother. If this is the first time for your cat, you should follow her to the litter tray because they can confuse the feeling of labour with that of needing the litter tray.

Delivery can take a very long time, often a break of an hour between delivering kittens is seen, although if the break becomes several hours then you should consult a veterinarian as soon as possible.

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