Clickbank Affiliate Marketing

Clickbank Affiliate Marketing is one of the most used affiliate marketing based advertising companies on the internet. Taken right from their slogan, you can “make money promoting the web’s best digital products.” An internet webmaster or blog publisher just signs up for their service, adds their code to a beneficial section of their website, and begins to send traffic to products offered through Clickbank in hopes that some of that traffic will turn into sale conversions. The webmaster does not get paid for leads, but he or she will get a comparable amount of the profits in exchange for the lead.

One may wonder how Clickbank can offer this and give such high amounts of a profit away. It’s very simple actually; Clickbank is a third-party affiliate network through which some of the best digital product companies on the internet can sell their products. They connect high dollar retailers and e-commerce corporations to experienced webmasters who are good at sending traffic to their affiliates. With the high expected sale conversions from thousands of webmasters, these companies are happy to turn over a high portion of the proceeds of a sale to Clickbank, who, in turn, generously pays the webmasters for the use of their web space and the leads in the form of a percentage of the profits for merchandise their leads purchase.  Clickbank claims that a webmaster may receive up to 75% of the proceeds of a sale that was made from his or her lead.

Webmasters may receive financial compensation from several sale opportunities: proceeds from a sale and recurring revenue from subscription products, with a total of 10,000 products that a webmaster can choose to promote and earn from. Clickbank believes their company is superior to other affiliate programs because: they have a single page order form for visitors to order from, real time stats with an array of success monitoring tools and options, and weekly payouts with an option of direct deposit. Considering how much the affiliate marketing world has grown so user friendly, Clickbank ensures that they take care of all the tracking, accounting, and payouts. A webmaster simply signs up, chooses the products he or she believes the visitors to his or her site will be the most interested in, and then incorporates their hoplinks into his or her advertising or marketing campaigns.

As determined by the vendor of the product, a webmaster can earn anywhere from 1% to 75% commission on a sale, which is unfortunately not negotiable, but is stated prior to the webmaster adding the product to his or her website. The minimum commission on a single sale is $.25, and the maximum is $100.00. Any recurring subscription products will be credited to a webmaster after each successful rebill and credits will stop if the product is canceled. The most important thing for a webmaster to remember is that he or she has an important impact on the commission that can be earned: choosing the products his or her website or blog promotes. A webmaster should always promote the products that best suit the demographic of his or her site.

There are hundreds of affiliate marketing companies on the internet, and it is always great for a webmaster to diversify his interest. Despite a few small, expected negative aspects of its program, Clickbank is one of the most effective affiliate networks for the most webmasters. This is simply due to the relatively high payouts as opposed to competing affiliate programs and vast array of products. Webmasters can go to to learn more and to sign up to start earning money.

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