eBay Affiliate Marketing

eBay affiliate marketing, what is it?

eBay is the largest online auction house and marketplace in the world with almost 300 million registered users worldwide. You may have bought and sold items on eBay, but have you heard about EBay’s Affiliate Marketing program?

You are paid just for sending customers to eBay, how cool is that? The eBay affiliate marketing program allows the affiliate to receive a commission on sales made to traffic that the affiliate has driven to eBay’s site. Sometimes that sale is a “joining fee” or it may be a particular item that was bought. The eBay affiliate receives a commission each month on all sales that they help generate. All you need to do is direct traffic to eBay and pick up the check.

eBay has some of the most generous affiliate commissions on the web and how much you earn depends on how much quality traffic you drive every month – the more you drive, the more you earn. The EBay affiliate marketing program is a great opportunity for earning money.

How to get good commissions

There are two ways to create a good monthly income, by promoting high-end products or by promoting high demand items. There will obviously not be as much commission on a $10 item as there is on a $1000 item but you may be able to make better commission from promoting a lower end product that people are likely to buy than one possible high-end sale. The strategy is your choice.

How to drive traffic to eBay

Look through eBay’s categories for ideas on a niche market. The niche should be something that you know about or have an interest in. Once you have found your niche,

To drive traffic to eBay, you will need to have a web site or a blog. Setting up a website can be done very quickly using an online webhost. They are very inexpensive and your very first commission will cover the cost.

If you have a blog, you may want to consider adding an RSS feed generator. The RSS Feed Generator is a way that eBay affiliates can generate RSS feeds showing eBay content dynamic and specifically to your niche. It also includes track-able links to items.

Another option is to use an API (Application Programming Interface) that accesses eBay’s listings database. API’s are very effective because they let you show lists of items in your niche as if you have an online store.

Whether you have a blog or a website, you will need to know your niche subject. Knowledge of your subject will let you create articles that will drive traffic to your site. Your site will pre-sell the product and make your visitor want to click through to eBay and ultimately buy the product.

Calculating traffic

When you register to be an eBay affiliate, you will get a registration number. That number is incorporated into your links to eBay. EBay has special tracking tools built into all of their applications and they know when a connection is made via your website or blog and the purchases that were made because of that connection.

Getting Paid

Every month, usually around the middle of the month, you will receive payment for the previous month’s sales. Imagine getting a check every month just for having links on your blog or website.

If you are looking for ways to generate extra income, then eBay affiliate marketing is the way to go.

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