Expert Makeup Tips for Hazel Eyes

If you have hazel eyes, consider yourself lucky. In addition to being able to sing along in the car with Kelly Clarkson’s chart-topper “Behind These Hazel Eyes,” you have a lot to be thankful for. Hazel eyes have long been a coveted component of beauty, mesmerizing onlookers with their rich blend of green and brown. They are the most striking feature of gorgeous celebrities like Mila Kunis and Hilary Duff, who sport them like they were born to shine with a hazel glow.

And there is even more to be grateful for within the realm of cosmetics. That’s because when it comes to makeup, experts agree that hazel is the most versatile of the eye colors. There are virtually hundreds of makeup looks that will play up your emerald-golden eye hues and cause those glittery eyes to pop. But with so many makeup options, you may feel confused. Here are a few hazel dos and don’ts that will help you capture that perfect look you’ve been searching for.

Hazel Dos

Do #1: Try out a variety of shades to find that perfect look. Pinks, browns, greens and purples all make hazel eyes sparkle, so be creative and have some experimental fun with your makeup palette. Here are two suggestions to start out with:

For a casual daytime look, apply a neutral shimmer on the entire lid, blending it up to the brow bone. Apply a baby pink or mauve shadow on your lower lid and use a chocolate brown as a contour around the crease and outer corner of the eye. Finish this look off with a brown eyeliner that matches the brown hues in your irises. This will look natural while causing your hazel tones to stand out.

For a dramatic evening look, combine a silvery green eye shadow with a jet black eye line. Apply shadow on your lid and use a small angled brush to apply some under your lower lashes. Pair a warm brown shadow as a contour with onyx liner and mascara. Don’t be shy when you apply your liner and mascara. A jet black eye line combined with a silvery shadow will brighten the green and gold flecks in your eyes.

Do #2: Take a close look in the mirror. Let’s be honest. If the only thing you know about your eye color is that it’s hazel, you have a lot left to learn. Hazel can refer to a wide variety of eye hues that blend brown, green, and gray. Some hazel eyes are brightened by flecks of gold, blue, and even violet. Check out the nearest mirror to discover which variety of hazel you have.

If your eye hue is more green than brown, play with pink makeup tones. Even try out a dusty rose or deep berry to see how it enhances your color. If you wear a hazely brown, dabble in all shades of purple, from periwinkle to eggplant. Got golden flecks? You may want to try out bronze or copper colors. A little mirror research could go a long way.

Hazel Don’ts

Don’t #1: Don’t go overboard with dark grays. Using a dark gray or charcoal shadow for your base or contour color will flatten the brightness of green and gold flecks in your irises, dulling the gorgeous tones that make your eye color so unique. With an eye color like hazel, that’s the last thing you want to do.  Stick with warm grays and light silvers to play up the special shade of your eyes.

Don’t #2: Don’t mess with blue. I know it’s tempting to reach for a shadow that will match your eyes with the summer sky, but if you sport baby hazels, think again. Whether it’s aquamarine or teal, blue is your makeup nemesis, certain to transform your irises to a flat gray or dull brown. And don’t even think about pulling a crazy stunt like navy liner or mascara.  If you really have a thing for blue makeup, consider purchasing a flirty sapphire toenail polish- just keep it away from your eyes.

The best thing about hazel eyes? With so many makeup options, you can feel free to vary your look based on your personality and mood. You can find a look that plays up those gorgeous hazels and is truly you. And when your makeup reflects who you are, that’s when you’ll be able to flaunt those hazel dazzlers with maximum confidence.

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