How to Put on Eye Make up

Apply Eye Makeup Like a Pro

By the time of Cleopatra, eye makeup in the form of thick black lines made by using sticks of khol, had already been in use for about 3,000 years.   Even though khol had its origins in religion and lore (it was believed to ward off “the evil eye” if rubbed around the eyes),  it today ranks as one of the most common ingredients in dark eye liners and mascaras.

Granted, surviving statues and engravings show Cleo and her ancient predecessors certainly used a heavy hand in applying the eye liner, and the effect even today is considered to be beautiful – but let’s not get carried away.  You and I both know that when we get too close to the “Cleopatra eyes” of yesteryear, it just doesn’t fit in with any modern fashion statement.

Today, less is more, color is subdued but rich and muted, and “natural” is the new fashion statement when it comes to eye makeup.  That’s not to say you must limit yourself to beige and ivories!

Even though styles change, colors come and go, and applicators vary and improve – one thing never changes – there is really only one way to correctly put on eye makeup for the best results: on clean dry lids with a light steady hand.

The most common complaint of women over 35 is loss of tissue support in the eye area, making eye lids sometimes weak and “wrinkly”, making it difficult to put on eye shadow that lasts.  Under eye circles and puffiness are close seconds when it comes to concerns in how to make the eyes more attractive.

Follow these simple steps that show you how to put on eye make up and you, too, can have “model perfect” eyes:

  • Never use waterproof mascara!  To remove it you will need to use an oil based product, making it almost impossible to get your next application of eye shadow on correctly.
  • Use an eye cream that includes calcium, CoQ10, and Vitamin C – day and night.  Calcium and C rebuild underlying tissues and CoQ10 is a supercharged antioxidant that helps prevent further damage and wrinkles.  You can buy top quality products at your local drug store for around $25.  Make certain, however, that all cream residue is gone before applying any type of eye makeup.
  • Use a base on your eye lids before adding color or liner.  Let dry for a full minute.   Then, apply eye color.  A quality base helps your eye color to last all day, reduces fading, and stops running.  It’s well worth the extra minute it takes to apply.
  • Eye shadows should always be applied with a special shadow brush.  A good one might cost about $10 but it’s worth the investment.
  •  Add a lighter color directly under your brows and on the rim, and a darker color in the crease.  If this is a bit too dramatic for days for you, forget the dark color for the crease.
  • Improperly plucked eyebrows can kill a look faster than dark circles!  If you have never had your eyebrows professionally shaped, get to your nearest salon today to have it done.  This is more than waxing and plucking.  A professional artist will be able to demonstrate what shape looks best on you and how to get that look.  She’ll also be able to show you what color looks best.
  • Your technique might be perfect, but if you’re not happy with the result – it could be your colors.  Take advantage of a free eye makeover at a local department store.
  • Be careful with under eye liners.  Depending on where your lower lid lies will depend on whether you should line the lower lid, or draw a line under the bottom lashes.  If you have round eyes (as opposed to oval or slanted), stay away from lining under your eye.  Use a brown liner to add color to your bottom rim.  Stay away from black completely.
  • Lining the top lid can add marvelous depth, but this takes a lot of practice to get the line straight and not too thick.  A good quality pencil made with kohl works for everyone.  Can’t draw a single straight line?  No problem!   Use short, tiny strokes that can be blended together.  Most importantly – follow the curve of your eye lid.  If you don’t follow your natural curve, you’ll look…unnatural!  Start drawing the liner at about 10 oclock when you look at your eye in the mirror, and go outwards.  Don’t start at the end of the eye lid near the nose.
  • Remember – your eye make up is meant to make your eyes look magnificent.  It is not meant to match your outfit!  You might look wonderful in powder blue sweaters, but … does the same color really make your eyes look better?  Probably not!
  • Never pull the skin around your eyes!   I know you might be tempted to pull skin taut if you are trying to “straighten out” a few wrinkles, but don’t.  The best way to line around your eyes is with a pencil that has a high level of moisture, such as kohl.   These do cost a bit more but they are worth it.  The more fluidity you have to work with, the less tension your fragile eyes need to undergo.
  • One coat of mascara is all you need.  No matter what.  Period.
  • What’s better than any mascara?  Get your lashes tinted!  This is a simple procedure, costs about $15, and lasts for months.  The dye actually acts as a moisturizer, plumps the lashes, and makes even the skimpiest lashes look like a million bucks.
  • If you are in doubt about a certain eye look, color, or style – forget it.  Whether you have on a new dress or a new eye shadow, pay attention to your gut.  If you look in the mirror and something says, “I’m not sure”, take it off and start all over again.
  • If you need to cover under eye circles, don’t use white!  Use beige, in a cream, in a shade lighter than the circles.  Then blend it in with your foundation.

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